Big Balls

LMAO Cassell hits the clutch J and runs down the court with his hands cupped in front of his package as if he's holding enourmous balls. The he runs to bench screaming "big balls". Oh shit that was classic.

Elementary school kids across the land will be copying this move.

Those gestures he made were accurate. He does indeed have big balls.

Yep, they compensate for his extreme ugliness.

great game...I thought the Wolves were done with 4 minutes left.

"Cassell is such a retard. I'm serious. He carries himself like one, and he talks like one, and he looks like one.
But boy can he ball.

Sam Cassell.. The Ballin' Retard."

Yup, but damn, that shit he did was pathetically retarded. He hit a wide open jumper and acted like it was a highly contested buzzer beater. Doug got beat bad on that one and wasn't even in front of that ugly little runt when he took the shot.