Big Bison and Ivan show great Kettle bell workout for STRONG abs and arms

good stuff
functional workout …just did it with a 35 pounder

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no need to be shocked
time to go work out

when you gotta do the workout

Competitive kettlebell guys have no regard for their lumbar spines.

Eh not important

a lot of its technique when it comes to this stuff


Once again. If you’re stuck somewhere and have no other equipment to do a “real” workout. Use kettle bells. They’re better than nothing….

once again…

why have so many world and Olympic champions have used and still use
kettle bells in their training???

when they have gyms with everything

once again

why have so many world and Olympic champions champions have used and still use
kettle bells in their training???

when they have gyms with everything

ps grab a nice 24 kg kettle bell and do the workout in the video
see how strong you are lol,its a little different using some nice smith machine that you use at your planet fitness gym


Obviously some athletes have used kettle bells. As a lifelong wrestler, I’ve used them myself. My point is no one sticks with them. They are extremely limited in their use. Free weights will work better every time you dummy

hey queer dont call people smarter then yourself dummies

also there are people in former ussr who lift kettle bells all their lives
so clearly there are people who stick with them…

and when did i say that one should do kettle bells ONLY by the way
they have their limits and so does normal free weights training

kettle bells might not make someone as strong but they also dont make people as stiff and are much ballistic …

look at bodybuilders and power-lifters trying to throw punches and kicks
and the point is proven…they are stiff and slow as fuck…much more so then a normal person

again if your so strong…grab a 24kg kb and do this workout
shouldnt it be easy for you lol

but you wont, all you will do is talk

ps in another thread you said that kb guys are weak and have shit bodies
you for some reason didnt say it here lol

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The swing is really the only functional exercise you can’t do with barbells or dumbbells.

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Lol. Goofball. It’s not like I haven’t tried kettlebells before. Many times. They’re just not as effective as free weights. If you’re looking for flexibility and not to become tight do body weight exercises. Now be a good boy and run along to your Antifa friends