Big Diesel Looking Fights in KC

Jeff Ford is currently looking for fights in Kansas City, Mo. Mr. Ford's current stats are as follows:

3 Time Muay Thai World Champion
2 Time K-1 Veteran
Undefeated MMA Fighter.

Mr. Ford will participate in Muay Thai or MMA only. "Big Diesel" Jeff Ford is a well-known fighter in the Kansas City area with the ability to draw large crowds and promote fighting events. Jeff is well connected with local media for a lot of free marketing as well is his marketing group Invictus Marketing and Management. For more information or to schedule for an upcoming event please contact The Invictus Group at

If fights are able to be scheduled for Mr. Ford then appearances and Judging are also welcomed. Mr. ford has trained with top trainers and officials in regards to Muay Thai and MMA. We are in the process of setting up Muay Thai seminars throughout Kansas City to re-introduce Muay Thai to Kansas City from one of the best Muay Thai Fighters and Trainers from Kansas City. Jeff has trained 2 Amateur Champions as well as several undefeated upcoming fighters here in Kansas City and San Francisco. Jeff is currently in preparation for upcoming film engagements and fighting events, so immediate contact should be made so that his schedule can be arranged accordingly.

Again, for contacting Jeff Ford in regards to possible fights in Kansas City or surrounding areas or appearances, you can contact The Invictus Group at 816-589-9641.

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