Big Dudes Knockin out Big Dudes


Melton Bowen UFC 4 fighter spotting...looked him up to see how he was doing after seeing him in the video.  Not well, he is dead. 

Super cool. I need to watch boxing more often 

The legand


Never seen that Tua KO of Ruiz.  Brutal!

Jesus some of those were brutal. I hope a few of those refs never reffed again too. Bloody hell they were slow stepping in on some of those

That was 20 glorious minutes.

Boyd got robbed in that fight. Can't wait for his comeback fight to show everyone he's a future champ.

Big men KOes are great but to be frank lately I have started enjoying lighter weights, technique and precision KOs.

As impressive as Tysons power was the chin in Pinklon Thomas was freaking insane, he took quite a few shots that would have killed lesser people.