Big Easy Fight Results 1/10/04

The results of the "Big Easy Fighting Championship # 11" on Sat.,Jan. 10th, 2004 are as follows :
Lamont Lindsey NHB win over Will Hymer (rear naked choke)
Travis Lamb NHB win over Brett Peifer(TKO strikes)
Seth Clifton NHB win over Mat Edwards(ankle lock)
Mat McAdams NHB win over Freddie Espiricueta(doctor stops fight)
Chris Rockwell NHB win over Shane Blair (ankle lock)
Will Bradford NHB win over Chris Bernardi (rear naked choke)
Melvin Guillard submission win over Jayson Johnson(flying armbar)
Melvin Guillard boxing win over Lamont Llindsey(ko bodyshot)

Damn, Melvin pulled out a flying armbar?!

I've been gone from New Orleans too long, I don't know any of those guys.


next big easy fights are jan 31st at the main event

was this pro or amateur?

I would have liked to see Lamont fight NHB. And missing Melvin pulling off a flying armbar, damn!

they were amateur fights