Big fight this weekend (Not UFC - Another one)!

Youtubers vs Ticktockers!

Now I know what your thinking. This looks fucking garbage. And it is.

But one of these kids is getting paid $5 million for this fight. The others are getting well paid too.

$5m might be more than anyone on this next big UFC card is making. Izzy, Nate, Figueiredo, included.


How can you watch the YouTube vs TikTok fight and how expensive is it?

The stream will cost $49.99 on pay-per-view site LiveXLive.

If not for that patch his chin world be non-existent.


Am I old for not ever hearing of any of these people?


Well, I have never heard of any of them either. So either this is all B.S, or we both are old! lol

I know which conclusion I am going with! lol

I’m 40 next year.

I’ve not heard of one of these “influencers”

I must be old too

And if u are my age and u know these ppl you should be ashamed of yourselves, faggits

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I’m all about people settling their beef with gloves. And if they getting paid to do so, all the power to them.

Yup these social media kids are making bank from their platforms.
Fair play to them.

They will be social media classes in schools for kids aged between 5-18.
It will be a core subject like English and math

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I thought this thread was gonna be about Bellator or Rizin or something. Op might actually be gay

sounds like the average ufc ppv these days