Big = get no respect for tech

There is a tendency when it comes to those over 200, to credit their size or brawn more so than their technique, irrespective of what game they play. The worst part is it is usually vastly technically inferior players who comment the most. When I hear some of this nonsense I often think to myself, man if only I was that guy's size I would be able to beat him twice as fast.

This is common in BJJ. I think that those who are not "big", do not realize how hard it is for big guys to play the small man's game that BJJ is. Also, that technique looks different for different body types.

A lot of guys dismissed Pe de Pano's accomplishments saying he was just big. Yet the man pulled guard to win.

I sometimes hear similar discussions when Roger Gracie's accomplishments are brought up (he also wins a lot of matches from the bottom).

a friend of mine, Justin Garcia once said (paraphrasing):

"nobody tells the skinny little shit to not be flexible during a match. therefore, i am going to rip his arms out w/ gorilla strength".

funny as it sounds... it's true... smaller guys use flexibility or speed to their advantage. us bigger guys should be able to smash.

Yeah it sucks. I'm big and no matter if I beat some guys from the top or bottom they say it's because of my size. I'm use to it. I have a double whammy because I was also a wrestler and no matter what happens, some guys always attribute it to either size or wrestling. It has made me try really hard to become as technical as I can.

I would like to think that as a BIG GUY (6'3" & 315lbs), I not only have a good BJJ Technique, but a solid understanding of the physics / mechanics of BJJ.
Being that my coach is half my size (really half), I think I have done a good job at incorporating what I have been taught...taken that information and pass it on to my students. 
Currently, 3 of my students have been promoted to Purple Belt...and that means allot to me, considering all are less than 180lbs. I feel that speaks volumes about the ability of what a BIG GUY can do…which it teach technique & skill, and not just ‘how to be a bully’!
IMO, if a person understands that BJJ is a 'customizable art", then they will have the ability to truly learn BJJ. I fell that since I coached by a smaller prson, it forced me to not only learn the technique, but to focus on the mechanics that go with that I can translate the technique to my students...all the while incorporating it into my game.
Just my thoughts,
Dustin Ware
Rogue Jiu-Jitsu

His name is Jacob...Jacob Lamb

While i do somewhat agree with the sentiment on speed (seeing as how if youre entire game is based around speed you may be fucked when you meet someone quicker then yourself), i can't see why flexability always gets dumped in with the muscles as being the same thing.

It doesn't really matter WHO you go against, your flexability moves will work just as well. If i meet someone who is flexible as well that doesn't mean i can't do omoplatas on him or something. That CAN be said about strength/speed however.

That being said i do feel kinda bad for the big guys sometimes, because the few times i actually meet someone who's weaker then me and i have to hold back on the strength, i'm not enjoying my rolls as much, and it's kinda hard sometimes to do moves without strength. BUT technique is just strength used at the right moment, so IMO it's fair game if a big guy uses his strength at the right time, but if a big guy is just using his strength to pull off moves that would never work on a guy his size that's different. I'm thinking moves like bicep curling out of an armbar, benchpressing people out of sidemount etc.

Mr Candybar does not judge you, he likes you the way you are!

And I have never heard anyone complain about Pe de Pano?s accomplishments.

I have never heard anyone say anything disparaging about Rogers or PeDePano's Bjj.  If you are a big guy and you can apply your Bjj to another big guy than that speaks volumes. 

Fighting smaller guys forces a big guy to play a faster game for sure and that is something that all big guys should learn so they don't get left at the finish line when fighting smaller technical guys.  Big players tend to get used to playing a slower more plodding game and that hurts them when they fight smaller players.

Use what god gave you I say.... if you are big smash the guy and if you are big but you go up against someone bigger use what ever it takes within the rules of the sport, it is nat a guys fault for being a big boy.

I get shit all the time from bigger guys for being too fast or too flexible. But only when I win.

The loser will naturally look to the victor's attributes in search of an excuse. It's a weak, but it's human nature.

Bigger guys can not keep up with me because I am far too fast for them.

I get that a lot, I'm 230lbs but learned finally learned to train past it. For the first 2 years I never put any pressure on bottom opponents because I didn't want to crush them and felt bad. As a result I developed a lot of bad habits that I am still trying to fix (i.e. being on my knees with my hip up from side control and not using my weight).

Purebred I had the exact same problem as you...I think I'm starting to get passed it now.  Just smash everyone.

I am about 185 I love big guys who think like you (Quote: "I'll just smash them". The look on their face is priceless when they can not even start attacking due to being on defensive all the time thanks to my speed.

BJJ has this obsession with technique. Yes it's important to know proper technique, same as any other sport, but good lord it's not the end all be all.

What other sport do you hear guys whining about strength and speed so much?

"Oh he's a great running back but he'ld have never made that cut and spin move if he wasn't so fast".

"Ah great move by the defensive end but I think he used some muscle on that"


Great point. 

I found that I was making dumb mistakes trying to be 'nice'.  And I am still some what 'soft' on newer guys that are much smaller... but I have 3 White Belts that I so no for Blue and above...sorry :-)

As for be flexible, that is not a problem for me (I can do splits to about 80%).  But the speed that little guys can bring sometimes makes my game plan different.  So, I try my best to force them to have to slow down.

My approach to Grappling is very simple..."Maximize my options, by limiting my opponents opportunities." That school of thought has worked well for me in teaching, and in competition.

Thanks for this thread. As a fellow BIG guy (6'7", 320 lbs.) alot of guys assume that there is no speed or technique to speak of. Reminds me of a quote I read (I think) in a Stephen King book once, that I often paraphrase: " people don't realize that when you've grown up a fat kid that it takes/builds muscle just to caryy yourself around."

Couple that to the fact that most of us truly big guys have a certain sense of kinesthetic awareness, due to always being told to be careful not to hurt the lttle guys, and, although the technique may not be readily apparent, it is definitely there.

Love it when smaller guys assume that you're a pushover when you take it easy o feel them out and try to dominate, only to be reminded that size and strength just lend themselves to a different type of technique. But, to be fair, my teacher, Luis Gonzalez, who is 5'5" and 135 lbs. kicks my @$$ all the time.

I still feel bad about knee to belly on any one under 200lbs!


LOL....My coach is hard to deal with as well (Jorge Gurgel)