big gut?

Throughout my whole life i've had had a gut, I'm talking about all the way from age 0 to now. Now I know that alot of people have that problem, but I'm actually a real thin guy. My body fat has been as low as 15% on a body fat scale (maybe lower with calipers), years back in high school I was 115lbs at 5'6 and I STILL had a gut. Anyone other thin people have this problem?

are you Ethiopian? maybe its just your distended belly.

I know people who have your problem. I new a guy who was similar to you, id advise you start weight training and adding some mass, once your body has 'filled out' a little you may not notice it as much.

In the morning it's not too bad, but by the end of the day once I've filled my stomach it looks bloated. I do work out now, for some time, but I wonder if it's ever going to go away.

In the morning it's not too bad, but by the end of the day once I've filled my stomach it looks bloated. I do work out now, for some time, but I wonder if it's ever going to go away.

TTT for skinny people with guts

Sounds like it could have something to do with weak abs. Work your abs (weighted crunches) and the problem might go away, at least when you flex.


when i mentioned the distended belly thing i was only half way joking, some people naturally have a distended belly even if they are skinny every other place.

It may be weak abs so work on them, it may also be you lower back as well.

For every rep of ab work you do, do the same amount of reps for you lower back IE. 3x25 crunches followed by 3x25 supermans. That will help pull your gut in.


oooh, Baz is correct. Can't believe i forgot about the low back. Do weighted stuff though. mmmm... weights


I'll have to look into this distended belly thing. I can do a good amount of crunches, my abs aren't weak. I don't really work too much on my lower back though. Could it be that I just genetically have more fat cells in my stomach area?

Well.... theoretically (from memories long forgotten), if you have a strong abdominal wall, and a relatively weak lower back, it can alter the curviture of your spine such that you slouch more. The slouching, in turn, causes distended belly.

My original idea is that weak abs could not hold back the "fluid ball" present in the belly, and it could cause a bulge there.

Additionally, this could just be what you look like. When you flex your abs, does it disappear? how about when you stand up straight, shoulders back, head up, hips rotated down (abs unflexed) ?


if i flex my abs it kind of disappears. I'm not sure if you've seen jim carrey movies, but theres a movie where he can extend his stomach out really far if he wanted too. I can do that too. If i stand up and turn my hips its still there too. In the morning when my calories are burnt up, it doiesn't look too bad, but once I start putting food in there, it looks much different.

Well, here's my advice. Go to the doctor and have a check for spine curviture issues, since that would be my first guess. If that's that case, then you can start strengthening the appropriate areas.

If it's not then i wouldnt worry much about it. With a regular workout routine that includes the abs and low back, you will be just fine.

By the way, noone can stick out their belly farther then i can.


vermonter may be on the right track. Without seeing you it's tough but you may suffer from a condition called LORDOSIS. Basically this is an exaggerated inward curve in the lower spine that in theory could cause the "problem" you describe. Not exactly sure how to remedy it so you may want to do a search and see what you can find. Good luck and let me know what you find.

I also forgot to mention that I do have a slightly curved spine. My brother has scluliosis,but I don't. My left arm is also stropnger than my right arm, and I am right handed. I was told by a chiropractor that was becase of my curved spine.

You could try taking a yoga class. Your posture should improve, it strengthens your abdominals and back and it should help your self esteem if everything else fails.

Definatley do the back exercises and up the abb stuff also. Do a variety and mix it up.

Do you squat or DL currently? If not do so. That will help you.

Eat less fatty foods or foods or simple carbs that are useless.

Your cut will go away but you won't be looking like some bb mag without some serious cutting, dehydration and nice photo angles and shadows.


if ur skinny, but have always been a big eater, it might be because years of big eating has stretched your stomach out (its one of the reasons skinny guys win eating contests, they have no fat to hinder their stomach from stretching out).

If the stomach has been stretched out, i really dont know any way to shrink it back. But that sounds like ur problem if ur gut is small in the morning before you eat, and all big at night after uve eaten who knows how many meals. its one of the curses of fast metabolisms. I myself have a fast metabolism and most of my friends did too, and we all have guts and we all eat big. So like someone mentioned early, try to make your chest and shoulders bigger to fill your body out.

Have you been taking large amounts of HGH and just not telling us? :)