Big guys struggle to make it in jj

I've seen a lot of big guys (definition muscular, over 250 pounds) come in over the years and they train and put a hurting on a number of people with headlocks and punch chokes, but never get a blue belt. You know the type, instead of keeping good posture and remembering rules like "both hands in or both hands out", they'll get caught in a triangle but escape by slamming their partner.

They see other people advance while they stay at white and then the quit.

A couple of days ago I was training with one of these brutes and I screwed an omoplata up some how and wound up underneath the guy. I had a really lousy half guard on the guy and I'm thinking here's your chance to show up a higher belt by passing my guard. But what does the guy do? He trys to bear hug my head/neck. It wasn't a choke, just very painful and he weighed a lot.

*blinks* Your partners slam you to get out a choke on a regular basis?

No. Thank God it does not happen on a regular basis!

I'll be testing for my purple belt soon and have been training JJ for a few years now... I've fought big guys and what I've found to work the best for me since they're usually stronger then I am is to go for the legs. If you can separate yourself from them to grab their legs now they're upper body strength isn't as beneficial. Just some thoughts... And if you do have a triangle on a big guy, ALWAYS (even if they're not big) under-hook their leg and keep scooting under them, they can't slam you plus they'll usually topple over. I'm no expert, but it works for me.