big island hawaii

Been living on the Big Island for 5 months now. looking for a school to teach. I am a brown belt under Sergio Penha (left just before he wanted to give me Black) and have been training and fighting BJJ, MMA, and lots of muay thai since i was 14. I am 24 now. I lived in thailand for half a year to train and fight. am a nutritionist, toxicologist, botanist and blood formation specialist. I taught yoga for 2 years. whatever job you have for me i would love to work something out. I live on the Hamakua coast, closest to Hilo side. call me on my cell phone 847-373-0361 or email me at my hours are completely open and i am very flexible. thank you....

Dangerousdavidsmith -  and i am very flexible. thank you....

Do tell more!

you can clean the horse shit out of my stables....

sorry economy is rough these days... take it or leave it.

you should go back and get that black belt though. nobody wants to be a brown belt.

TTT. Good luck. Phone Post


yes, i am very flexible. i work now for my self, so my hours are as flexible as they need to be. i just want to teach. BTW having a brown belt doesn't mean as much when you have tapped as many black belts as i have. i do not dare call myself a black belt killer, i am humble, and have tapped many blacks, some viciously and some with great effort. belt systems and ranks were designated by specially created certificates and handwritten letter from the licensing teacher or founder. yes, they mean you have mat time, most of the time. which i have much of and am willing to share.

holding up your pants young grass hopper!

i have tried his gym. BJ is super laid back. that is one option, but i would like to see what else is available before any decisions are made. thanks brutha.