Big John McCarthy gets BLACK BELT

Big John McCarthy was awarded his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tonight.
John is the first Black Belt at Big John McCarthy's Ultimate Training
Academy, presented by the BJMUTA Council of Black Belts including Mike
Ortiz, Lou Salseda, Todd White and Felicia Oh.



[edited after discovering that the "council of black belts" reference was a bit of wry humour - said individuals did promote BJ, but do not view themselves as a council, jedi knights, etc.]

You said in part, "I'm not a BJJ expert, but I think it's a pretty safe bet that if there is a "council of black belts" which bears your very name, they will PROBABLY promote you."

I agree - but there's a world of difference between "probably" and "bound to", and Felicia Oh strikes me as having pretty high ethics (and pride - I don't think she'd want to be part of promoting someone who didn't have the requisite skill set, plus the character and dedication that should go with it).

Plus fwiw, BJ has made massive contributions to the community - it you view bjj and mma as closely linked, as I do.

I agree. for all the above reasons

I also heard Lou was a 2nd degree BB. But still its not like he got it from Lou he got it from BJUTCCOBB. A counil of his peers and some newer BB's.

Sure would seem weird if someone asked you where ou got your BB from..."OH the BJUTCCOBB's gave it to me" ??? To each his own I guess. Im almost afraid to ask how much he charges for privates now too.

"...promotional requirements for MMA "belt" promotions."

What???? Since when does MMA "need" belts? Hand out belt in MMA is like giving out belts in boxing or Muay Thai.

Belts in MMA is plain silly.

Big John McCarthy was awarded his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt from BJJ black betls Lou Salseda, Mike Ortiz, Todd White, Felicia Oh & Jaime Walsh! It was long over due for Big John - Congrads!


Congtrats to BJM. A ref, who trains, and is also a fan of our great

There's absolutely, positively nothing "tongue in cheek" about "BJMUTA Council of Black Belts"? Is that their official name, or just a little levity?

LOL...attempted levity. Hey, I left out "JEDI".

Looks like a lot has gone into the forensic investigation of Big John's Black

...just thought I'd share the news.

So, again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

Congrats to John!

I have mentioned on another board, Lou promoted John to brown a while ago with Jean Jacques blessing. It's not like he just got a black belt for owning a school. That's ridiculous.

Wu, why you getting ready to open a school??

foh shizzy my nizzy.