Big John: “Scott Coker you hate Melvin Manhoef” lol

Well fuck that lol but thanks

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that article was the first id heard of it but your theory sounds correct. my initial thought was sunk in / skinny, maybe got a coke habit, but vindictive gf does sound more plausible than him booking flights on stolen credit cards.

although, between datsik and brett rogers I’m no longer surprised the way some guys hit the wall post mma

That looks like 170 Rumble

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looks like rumble dealing with inflammation to me

this is how I recall 170 lb rumble

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Yoel has also had like a 20 fight career, with just a couple brutal fights in there for him.

Was Melvin competitive at all?


Yes or no. I don’t want to read through 45 comments lol


I guess he ALMOST landed a big punch in the 3rd


Lol thanks


It was awful.

Totally predictable fight.

Sad to see Melvin go out like that.

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