Big John too slow...

It seems that many, many times Big John lets fighters take too much
punishment before stoppages... This is becoming a dangerous pattern.

In this weekend's UFC, I saw it in the Jason Lambert fight. What was he
thinking? Lambert was finished - a few more shots and he could have
been killed. He was looking at Big Jon to end it because he couldn't tap

Even in the BJ Penn fight, I thought he was too late, although it wasn't as
obvious. BJ was trapped and helpless and he took about 3 or 4 extra,

Remember Franklin-Quarry? How could he let that fight continue? And


good argument.

Booo.... the Lambert fight was the only one that was stopped a few shots too late

Hughes didn't do much punishment to BJ since he couldn't get the elbows to connect. Getting a few elbows in would have made a big difference in the speed of stopping the fight. It was stopped at about the right time IMO

did you see the quarry-franklin fight? where has quarry been since that?

and don't expect to see Lambert for a while either

Penn/Hughes was the right time. But you're right about Lambert. He ate
a good 3-4 shots more than he should have.

jesus chirst the crybabies on this forum

its either stopped too early or too late

quit crying


you cocksuckers complain when fights get stopped early and then bitch when they let the fights go longer.

bjm does a good job. id rather a fighter take an extra punch then have to sit here and read threads for weeks about how a fight was stopped too soon.


What happened to Quarry? Was he seriously hurt by the KO?

Quarry is not out injured from that you tool. Man I love how people just invent shit or pull it out of their asses and pass it off as fact.

For most of his life, Nate has suffered from a hereditary degenerative condition, and coupled with the physical demands of training and fighting, this has caused a disc in his back to virtually disintegrate.

This has led to vertebrae in his back rubbing together, creating excruciating and even debilitating pain.

Later this month, Quarry will travel to Las Vegas to have surgery that will fuse multiple vertebrae together, creating a singular, larger vertebra. Nate will then spend the next three weeks in Vegas until he is cleared to travel back to his native Oregon for further recovery."

Funny Big John used to be too fast and Herb Dean was too slow. Now they switched. Big John is just fine now imo.

BJ said in his interview that BJM gave him plenty of time to get out or defend himself, being that it was a championship fight. For those of you who say he didnt do much damage, look at BJs face right after the fight. He had some pretty big bumps that were just developing. I wonder what he looks like today.
Hope hes doing fine

I agree, it is better to go a little long than too short. I also get sick of hearing about fights being stopped too fast. As a ref, you need to make sure it is over.

Actually, the BJ stoppage could have even gone on a bit longer. BJM did a good job giving BJ enough time to try and escape or do something. He was not KOed but clearly helpless and hurt. Remember, those werent punches where Hughes could wind up and throw his whole weight behind. But it was a very legit stoppage when it was. Any sooner would have been too early. Even BJ did not complain, he said BJM gave him time to get out.

"It seems that many, many times Big John lets fighters take too much punishment before stoppages."


Reffing MMA has to be one of the hardest jobs in sports. Big John generally does a great job.

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I think refs are going to start letting fights go longer. Dana keeps saying that "we were robbed of a definitive ending" to Tito-Ken II. How must Herb Dean feel about this?

i agree with second base

and its a good thing