Big mac or Whopper?

I'm going with a whopper, never actually had a big mac before.

Big Mac all day. 


I prefer the Whopper!! The burger is ok too.

Orcus ~~> 8====D~~~ O-: <~~ OP


What Rob Base said.

Chicken Royale.

I like the whopper, fuck the big mac.

Whopper is the better burger, though I do crave a Big Mac from time to time.


Whopper with bacon NO CHEESE

Can't do without either one. Double whopper wins by a hair for me

Whopper with Cheese all day

Angry whopper FTW!

Yo, casio. Whopper: no pickle, no onion.

FreightTrain - Orcus ~~> 8====D~~~ O-: <~~ OP


Never had a Big Mac...your missing out 

Fuck that shit! Baconator! Without the bun tho!!

CaptainWoody - Whopper with bacon NO CHEESE
No cheese.... Come on son. You're better than that

Whopper with Mac sauce.