Big Man Pass (little people can do it too!)

This is the epitome of a big man pass. It may actually be my favorite pass against people who just try to keep their legs closed.

If you have ever relied on using your elbows to open the inside of the thighs then this is the pass for you! Just replace this pass with any time you would have done that pass!

Although this pass is extremely simple it does have a technical aspect to it. Make sure when you take grips on the upper part of the pants that you keep your arms locked out. Please take take note on how my elbows are angled so that you are not in danger of getting armbared.

As I start to make space backwards I do not, under any circumstances, bend my elbows. If you do bend your elbows you will lose all of the leverage that you have been building by moving your hips back (and you'll probably do a face plant on their chest when they pull you forward too).

Once the legs have opened you can really choose any of your favorite passing methods. I prefer to get my knee up in the middle and start from "combat base". This allows me to assess the situation without allowing my opponent to re-close his Guard.

as a note, if you are having problems with this pass it is probably because you are bending your I suggest you stop doing that.

This is awesome thanks!I think I remember Braulio Estima teaching this.

good stuff as always

I think its a closed guard opening, right?

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 i did this today against a guy who was fatter than me

I'm 135lbs and I love this guard opening...
As a small guy I am not able to open the guard just by backing up though. I keep my butt moving backwards like that as his legs come up under my armpits...I then come off my knees onto the balls of my feet (which are NOT close together). I lift 1 knee up to my chest, so that it is between my chest and his tailbone. I then try to come down into combat base (not leaning forwards, your front shin should be fairly verticle)...I don't come all the way down until his guard opens. You mentioned this in your text and it's important. Otherwise your opponent will simply base his hands on the mat next to his head and shove his hips into you...It's pretty much the same pass.

Braulio did show this opening in a seminar (Jerremy's variation). He also showed the counter which was pretty simple...just lift your hips and pull your feet down under his butt.

HoldYerGround - I think its a closed guard opening, right?

That's what I seen. A guard break. Not a pass. Phone Post

I like it. I am not really a big guy but use something similar holding onto the armpits because I have monkey arms. This looks more effective though.