Big Milestone Today

On January 8, 2008 I was 243 pounds and so out of shape that I could barely jog 2 blocks.

This morning I weighed in under 200 lbs (199.5) and extended my jog to 5 miles.

I'm not done getting in shape yet, but it sure feels good to hit two milestones in one day.

I've been tracking my progress daily online, and if you're interested, you can check it out here:


Good work whaledog, but at the new weight maybe you should call yourself dolphindog

lol @ shoe

Maybe I'll change my name to killerwhaledog since killer whales are the largest species of dolhpins. :)

Wow, impressive. Rarely do New Year's resolutions stick, nice job.

Now for the interview--to what do you owe your success?


I ate well (no dieting) and began exercising.

The details . . .

The main thing is I eat whenever I get hungry, but I also try to pay attention and stop when I'm not hungry  (as opposed to eating until I'm totally stuffed).

I also try to eat protein with every meal, snack with healthy food between meals and stay away from fried food and fast food.  An example of a 'normal' day would be:

Breakfast . . . Old fashion oats with protein powder mixed in (plus a little Agave to sweeten it)

if I get hungry before lunch, I eat a fruit like a banana

Lunch is something like a grilled chicken sandwich on a wheat bun with a side salad or cup of soup

Afternoon snack is a Greens+ chocolate protein bar

If I get hungry again before dinner I eat a fruit like an apple

Dinner is some kind of meat (usually beef or chicken), vegetables and brown rice

Exercise . . .  I just started walking the dog in the morning until one day, without expecting to do it, I felt like I had a lot of energy and began to jog.  I increased the distances on the jogging as they became easier.  I also went back to bjj a couple of times per week and have begun throwing in some body weight workouts.

Nothing magic and nothing difficult, really.  If I had to say which factor played the biggest part, I'd say it was consistency.


LittleMick -

that's some seriously fast weight loss. good work!

Thanks. It's faster than I expected, especially since I didn't do anything crazy. But I'm not complaining. :) 


You mean you ate right, exercised and saw results??? Are you sure you didnt use the Abdomurderer Elite X and are just forgetting to mention it?

Congrats on your results and your new lifestyle =)


I am down from 215 to 190 and I got 20lbs to go, eating right and exercising works!

good times!


All you guys got some crazy results, keep up the good work.

Keep up the good work sir!!