Big muscle dude on KOTC

Ive just started to get into King Of The Cage, and was wondering who the giant muscle freak was? I just see him at the opening of the show posing, checking for mouth gards, closing the cage door and handing out tropheys.... Any idea who he is, does he train/fight etc?

There is a post on this guy like every month. He is also the guy you see in the between fight clips, it shows him shadow boxing. As far as I know, he is supposed to be the living version of the KOTC mascot which is the big bald yellow muscular guy with his arms crossed.

I dont know why everyone hates the guy so much, I would be very disapointed if KOTC got rid of him, I find it absolutely hilarious how he always tries to make himself the center of attention and jumps in front of the camera every chance he gets, it definately makes the whole KOTC PPV more amusing, If anything he should be in the UFC, Dana make it happen

He is the KOTC logo come to life. He is known as "Bad Brad" and he is most likely on "bad steroids"

He is weird, I still don't understand why he is there.