Big Name Amateur Fights

Let's find and name some cool amateur fights!

Anderson Silva defeated Fabricio Camoes via TKO

Gray Maynard defeated Evan Dunham via Decision

''JZ'' Calvacante defeated Joe Lauzon via Decision & Submission (two fights)

Jorge Rivera defeated Tim Sylvia via Decision

Michah Miller defeated Brian Bowles via Submission

Josh Neer defeated Houston Alexander via Decision

Stephan Bonnar defeated Terry Martin via Decision

Top fighters with amateur losses:

Aaron Rosa
Alan Belcher
Benson Henderson
Brian Bowles
Brian Stann
Carlo Prater
Cody Mckenzie
Cole Miller
Dong Hyun Kim
Ed Herman
Eric Schafer
Evan Dunham
Houston Alexander
Jason Dent
Jens Pulver
Jeremy Stephens
Joe Lauzon
Josh Neer
Mac Danzig
Mike Dolce
Mostapha Al-Turk
Pat Healy
Paul Daley
Rich Franklin
Rick Story
Rory Singer
Ross Pearson
Terry Martin
Thiago Silva
Tim Sylvia

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Who the hell did Phil Davis lose to as an amatuer?

stlnl2 - Who the hell did Phil Davis lose to as an amatuer?

MMA.TV has his amateur record at 3-0. Sherdog has it listed at 2-1, with the loss from Jeff Lawson, but the fight was from 2001. I don't think that sounds right as he would have been 16, which is of course possible, but I think I'll remove it from the list until it is verified better.

MMA.TV and Sherdog are not always very accurate (as it is the promotion reporting the event, and promotions tend to have better things to do after fights than accurately report every fight) and IME with how amatuer fights and fighters match, I honestly think there is a better chance Phil was pregnant than he lost an amatuer MMA fight given his pedigree.

LOL! Very true, I don't think he lost either. Especially with the Sherdog FF just now reporting Amateur fights, I see a ton of mistakes on there.

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Phil did not lose as an Ammy Phone Post


NAAFS - Phil did not lose as an Ammy <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Thank you! If anyone else spots any misinformation in mine or anyone's future posts on this thread, let's also try to clear it up, fight finders are not perfect.



Nathan Coy decision over Rick Story
Mike Pierce TKO Mike Dolce
Kurt Pellegrino TKO/Doc Stoppage Mac Danzig
Jeremy Stephens has an ammy lose

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Amateur losses:

Paul Daley

Ross Pearson

Alan Belcher

Cody McKenzie

Josh Neer

Cole Miller

Evan Dunham

Ed Herman

Amateur Fights:

Chris Leben defeated Pat Healy via Decision.


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