Big Nog and Kongo want to fight at UFC 153

(Nog) - “I’ve been training on regular basis, I stopped feeling pains because of the impact, which was what worried me the most. Not I just I’m following the treatment. If I don’t fight at UFC Rio 3 (153), I want it to be at the next possible date”.  About a possible rescheduling of the combat against Cheick Kongo, the legend said he waits a position from the UFC. “I would really like to fight him, I keep on waiting and I’ll be really happy if they do call me up”.   

(Kongo) - At UFC 149, you were supposed to fight Rodrigo Nogueira, but he had to leave due to an injury. You want him to be your next opponent?   I wish he could be my next opponent. Minotauro is a legend. I wish him a good and fast recovery. I can't wait to fight against him.       Brazil hosts another edition of the UFC in October. Could this fight against Big Nog happen then? Would you like to fight him in Rio de Janeiro?  I would love to fight Big Nog and It would be a huge honor for me to fight in Brazil! I've never been there and I know I've got a lot of fans from here. Two of my teachers come from your beautiful country: Mario Sukata and Flavio Peroba .Let make it happen!

hang 'em up big nog!

JuggerNog finishes Kongo

Prelim main event!

SRTGEO - Prelim main event!

  In Rio?  Are you fucking high?  Nog vs Kongo will be just before the Co-Main.

SRTGEO - Prelim main event!

Wtf you smokin? Phone Post

I really hope Nog wins his comeback fight. Phone Post

SRTGEO - Prelim main event!

Do you know who Nog is bro? Phone Post

I would love this. Nogueira with another tko victory in Rio. Phone Post

SRTGEO - Prelim main event!

Pass the pipe holmes. Phone Post

Card is already deep and has 12 fights, think they would probably rather save him for another card, maybe 154.

Nog was known for his iron chin. Against Kongo he may need iron balls.

I'd love nothing more than Nog smashing Kongo. Someone has to do it. Phone Post

 153 is already stacked... with Rory out, the toronto fans need some love.  A big nog fight would be a great addition to the 152 card now that BJ and Rorry are off.


And Kongo shouldnt be rewarded after that crap fest he put on...  Let's get Ben Rothwell in there or Josh Barnett.


I hope they add Nog vs Kongo to the main card of 153 and move Belfort vs Belcher to 152 to make up for the Penn vs Rory cancelation. Everybody but Vitor would be happy but just toss in some extra cash and it'll sooth the pain