Big Nog is always making excuses

Big Nog is obviously bitter about the Americans that totally demolish Brazilian fighters ... He cannot even make it to a decision against American fighters so he shouldn't really bitch at all... ie Cain, Frank x 2. I think Big Nog is still pissed that Frank knocked him out the first time, and then after his excuse Frank broke his arm in half. He is pissed that an American broke his arm (in half) in a sport that Brazilians supposedly "invented"

Minotauro is a fucking legend.

You are a douche for saying something like that. he hasn't lost any close decisions and made excuses about it. he's one of the premier LEGENDS of mma. I suppose think he actually fed the bus a carrot like Chael said too?

What idiocy. What does his complaining about Brazilians having a hard time with judges (which is true, but due to wrestling bias, not nationality) have to do with the Mir fight - which did not go to decision?

Also, Big Nog's "excuse" for his first fight - which he didn't even acknowledge as being true for months after that fight occurred - was clearly and resoundingly validated by their second fight. People forget, Big Nog tried very hard to totally avoid talking about the staph stuff, it was Dana White who brought it up and the media who reported on it. There was only interview months after the fight where Nog acknowledged being hospitalized, and if you watched that interview he didn't make a big deal out of it. Nog went completely out of his way to not talk about the staph and to give credit to Mir.

The Big Nog that fought in their second fight looked nothing like Zombie Nog. Nog's "excuse" of a staph infection (something he himself minimized, it was others like Dana and other fighters and the media who brought it to the fore) was 100% legit and proven to be something that affected his performance beyond any doubt.

Pretty much the same as Shogun vs. Forrest - Shogun's "excuse" of an ACL tear was validated by Shogun then going on to beat Machida and destroy Forrest in the rematch. So much for the "excuse" nonsense.

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If I could I would VTFU, not only NOG but all these Brazilians think they are the second coming of Christ all of a sudden.

Maia - No Brazilians should be fighting eachother?

I think in an interview I heard Nog say "Brazilian Muay Thai"

Anderson Silva - No Brazilian can beat Jones now, but no Brazilian has really studied him

I think a thread needs to get started with all these laughable Brazilian fighter quotes