Big ol basking shark under my kayak 24ft+

So good. I’d love to see a whale close up like that. I’ve seen a bunch of dolphins and they’re always great to see.

Super cool. I appreciate your sharing. I have been in a cage with sharks all around, and touched one, but the kayak is way cooler.

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I swam with whale sharks in Mexico
I’d love to see great whites one day though, preferably in a cage



how did you film? it doesn’t look like you did a roll and would the kayak be stable enough for your torso to drop to the side underwater and filming?

GoPro hero 7 on an extendable pole.

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Basking sharks are big softies…


That big bitch fucked over JoeExotic

Crazy, what island and area? I sometimes dive in Ala Moana (Oahu) and I’ve seen a few tiger sharks early morning in the channel from the pier to the ocean. They just cruise up and down the channel in the murkiness. The scuba instructors told me there is three that roam that area in a pack. I would never intentionally look for them, especially go into a cave. They would have been thinking free delivery. You’re crazy.

Cool stuff!

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I used to kayak in the bayous outside of Houston that are filled with alligators. 12’ ers are common and very docile. It is wild being inches from one.