Big Promotions Having Fights soon other than UFC?

What are some other semi-big promotions with that are having shows in the next few months other than UFC?

Anyone? I'm just curious.

Legacy Fighting Championships

Knockout Collins is in talks with Dana White to be the face of a relaunched WEC. Phone Post

 Bellator as always. Bellator 71 is decent but 72 is shaping up to be a card with a lots of wars

Bellator every Friday. Phone Post

Any other like Mid-Range ones with former UFC fighters. I saw there was one calle SHOfights or something and it has Karo and Kendall Groves, I didn't even know about it till last week. Im more curious to find out about those type of promotions.

Titan FC is a new up and coming promotion and it has signed some former UFC talent. Phone Post

Titan and SHOFights this weekend Phone Post

UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay -  Bellator every Friday. Phone Post

 well, i wish, but its been a couple weeks without Bellator, and the next one is the 22nd.


 there is no elite mma outside of Zuffa.  That's why Dana white can act like a brat and tell florida to fuck off, and blame the fans if they dont have fuel.