Big rigg on gsp,rory and askren -great interview

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Cliffs for those of us that cant watch, please? Phone Post 3.0

Says rory is just a gsp clone whos taller. Also how he's not going to be a meal ticket for askren given their history Phone Post 3.0

Hendricks is a hell of a fighter, but jesus...the guy is impossible to like.

I'm rooting for Lawler in the next fight. I think Lawler would have one if not for the cheap last-minute takedown by Hendricks.

lol at "great interview" and JH in the same sentence Phone Post 3.0

I wonder what's big rigg's take on showeather

I like him.

Does that make sense? Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the post OP. Voted up. Phone Post 3.0

Rory stopped a kickboxer never stopped in a fight standing with strikes. How is that a GSP clone again?

touch -

I wonder what's big rigg's take on showeather

He dont want none.. we all know hector will have that belt soon Phone Post 3.0

Rory beat woodley, can he beat hector ? And would we like to see hector vs woodley? Or not now because Rory has beaten woodley? And what is a better match up for Rory RL or Hendricks? Phone Post 3.0