Big "Team Extreme vs. Quest" bouts

In the next 2 weeks, there will be three big fights between Team Extreme and Team Quest fighters...

May 6: Jeremy Horn vs. Chael Sonnen, Extreme Challenge

May 7: Tony Fryklund vs. Matt Lindland, Rumble on The Rock

May 14: Joe Doerksen vs. Chris Leben, Freestyle Fighting Championships


Great fights Monte!


I am sure you will settle for 2 out of 3....

Best of luck to all the Fighters.

Horn by anyway he chooses, Lindland by anyway he chooses and I am not sure about Joe's match...I dont know the other guy. So for teh hell of it Joe.



promoter when is the Chris Leben / Joe Doerksen fight?

Horn (67-12) vs. Sonnen (10-2)

Fryklund (10-2) vs. Lindland (10-2)

Doerksen (24-5) vs. Leben (9-0)

Ninja, I know you didn't ask that question... LOL. Look at the post!

Wow, I hadn't heard about the Leben-Doerksen match! Man, regarding Chael taking the fight against Horn on short notice I said it seems like the Team Quest guys have been taking any fight they can get, against tough opponents. And Leben stepping up to take on Doerksen is another one!

This is a huge test for Leben. I don't even think I've seen Doerksen fight, but I know he has a rep for being REALLY good. I keep hearing he's due for a UFC shot. Nothing against Doerksen, but I gotta root for Team Quest again, I'll be pulling for Leben.

If Sonnen and Leben can win it will really put them on the map.

It's kinda funny that Lindland, Fryklund, and Sonnen all have the same record.

lol damn I feel dumb! May 14 got it :) Go Leben!!

Ummmmmm.....hmmmm....I think I might have to go with the Team Extreme guys! ;)

Ps. Jeremy Horn is GOD! :)




Team Extreme 2

Team Quest 1

Extreme could go 3-0...but I think Lindland will take Fryklund. Tony has got some good skills, but I think he's gonna get beat by decision. I don't know that either can finsih the other, but I think Matt will out grapple Tony and keep himself safe.

The other 2 fights include 2 of my favorite fighters...I'd never bet against Horn or Joe. 2 very classy guys.