BIG thanks to Marcos Avellan/FFA....vid of fight

So in a galaxy far far away....I went to FFA and took some PVT lessons from Marcos Avellan (no homo) and he introduced to me, my now FAVORITE technique/position. I have trained this position and tweaked it many times since, but he is the one who put it in my tool box. I FINALLY got to use it in a real MMA fight. THANK YOU SO MUCH coach Marcos. Hope you enjoy! The crucifix side control!!! ENJOY everyone.

 Id also like to thank my camps, Fighters Alley for beating the tar out of me and making me tough and getting me in great shape.   Also Brazilian Top Team Florida for strengthening my ground/submission knowledge.  I hope I made everyone proud and I fought my best.

Also link to fight...because I am failing at posting....

A link to another vid of the fight, highlights from a local paper.  different camera angle ;)  anyone that can help a tard will be truly loved!


 THanks Kirik!  I dont know WHY I cant figure out how to post damn videos.....facebook I got it, I epic fail :(

I just hope someone at FFA sees this so coach Marcos can see it.  I hope it makes him proud.  Seriously though, NO HOMO

 Marcos is the man

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Totalfightsource, my addy is please don't sign me up for porn. I hope everyone enjoys them vids. Hope FFA fellas get to see this soon. Phone Post

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TheSkywalker - As someone who trained at FFA for 7 months, let me just say FUCK FFA. That place was a total scam for me. I hesitate to say "it is a scam, period" because I'm only one person and people can change (although everyone who I became friends with during my time there also left and also complained about FFA when we talked afterwards). They have no issue lying and telling half truths during the contract negotiations. Just looking at their website makes it obvious that they're scammers.

First you get an entire month of free classes. Great deal, right? Well, if you just want to pretend to do what you see on TV, then this class is for you. If you want to learn jiujitsu, judo, boxing, muay thai or wrestling, then this class isn't for you, because all you'll do is cardio, 10 minutes of loose jiujitsu, and then there's open mat time with a room full of totally aggro nitro meatheads who think that "if kimbo trained thurr it must be guud"... Which would be OK if the teacher demanded any respect and instilled any discipline, but they don't, its just "one of the guys".

When I was getting my contract lined up, first they said they could not possibly offer me anything less than a 1 year contract, so I walked away.

Then they called me a few days later and offered a 6 month contract. So I signed.

2 months in I realized that we were repeating classes from when I started. They were on a loop. So I asked my coach if he thought I was ready for the "black belt club" which is what they call their advanced classes. He said "absolutely, you've probably already been ready for a month".... and that was when I got my little surprise! The contract is only for membership in the intro class! I have to pay more to go to the advanced (normal at any other school) level classes and actually LEARN ANYTHING. I wound up just riding out the contract and learning what I could from other full fledged members during open mat time. Then I left and went to a REAL MMA school. There are so many that are so much better than FFA. ATT Doral, MMA Masters, Jungle MMA, and if all you want is Jits there are like a dozen amaaaaazing schools around miami. I'd go to fucking Moti Horensteins and train with 12 year olds before I went back to FFA.

Oh and the best part? Most of their good coaches and fighters have left them!

Act like you're about community, when in truth you're 100% exclusively about money, and this is what happens. People talk.

So good luck in your competitive endeavors, Avellan brothers. I never met you in my 7 months at FFA, I assume you're decent people.... But fuck your school.

 Skywalker, sorry to hear about your negative experience there. I've been there multiple times and always learned a lot and received great training from the guys at FFA.

I do know that they run a set curriculum in class, so perhaps that is why there was a repeat of classes, but I'm sure it was done for a reason.

Anyways, you mentioned the Jungle MMA, which is like 4 hours from FFA, so I am wondering if I have met you before?

Awesome Dawley, thanks for the shoutout and I'm glad you have been able to use the series!  That was awesome to watch, great stuff!  I remember that private lesson, that is great! 

This is the sort of posts that make me really happy and it is the reason why I love running FFA.  I just finished a one week gym management training with 35 gym owners from all over North America, which included eleven Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts and UFC veterans, such as Rory Singer, Dan Simmler, Rob Kahn, Johnny Ramirez, Brad Daddis, Larry Shealy, Paul Halme, Shawn Hammonds, Matt Arroyo, and a squad of other men and women (those I just listed are all BJJ Black Belts).

So I just had a feel-good week helping all these guys out at the gym... and then today, my first day off, I get an email from one of my students about this post and I got to say that I appreciate the compliment Dawley!

Dawley, if you want to hit me up in the future, hit me on my facebook at .  These days I'm less on the internet because of my schedule.

Skywalker, all the schools you listed are great schools.  If someone reading this didn't like our gym, I would recommend hitting up one of those schools.  Although I have never trained at any of those gyms, I know the instructors and they are great guys and have great reputations, so I'm confident they will do a good job.

You mentioned "Black Belt Club", that was a long time ago.  A lot has changed since your experience, for instance, you mention we have a small school... our gym is probably the largest gym in Miami, it has expanded 5 times and has near 1,000 students with a open 24 hours a day schedule and over 80 classes a week running from 6am to 1:45am.  And yes, we do have a curriculum, which we are very proud of.

We are the only MMA gym in the world that has a monthly curriculum that is on VIDEO for free to our current members, that they can follow along online at .  Our MMA program has a six month rotating curriculum, which makes sense because it is a six month agreement.  We do have an upgrade program that offers more classes, more training, longer curriculum, etc., that we call our Combat Athlete Program, that is for people who have done our MMA program and have decided they are ready to make the committment to go "all-in" towards getting their black belt at FFA.

And yes, if you weren't in our upgrade program, then I definitely never met you.  At this point in my life, I have the luxury to work only with people who are serious about the martial arts and ready to commit fully to getting their black belt with us.  I loathe teaching non-serious beginners how to hold their hands up, make a fist, stay profile in their stance, keep their hands up, chin down, eyes forward, back heel off the ground, etc. and then have them quit a few months in!  I LOVE teaching the basics - but to people who are going to see this all the way through.  Why I care so much?  Because when I'm teaching someone the basics - they are taking away from my attention from everyone else who has been with me for years... and we don't mind doing this for someone who is going to come up with us.  Our upgrade system allows me to filter out the non-serious from the serious.

There is NOTHING wrong with not being able to commit to a martial arts school.  However, there is nothing wrong either with me only wanting to work with people willing to play by my rules.  And for those that want to get their feet wet with MMA, get a good workout, and learn self-defense, our MMA program, with it's six month curriculum, is a great program that stands by itself and taught by very qualified purple and brown belts in Chevenne Moreno, Kevin Perez, Carlos Trujillo, and Jorge Ayala.

We have had great reviews on this system with hundreds of great testimonials.  On our youtube channel on you can see about a hundred video testimonials on there from some of our students.  And a lot of the schools in Miami are headed by instructors that started out with us and some of them got high rank, including black belt, from us - so our system ain't so bad afterall :)  You can say what you want about our gym, but our gym's direct influence on the Miami martial art scene is undeniable.  Probably around HALF of the MMA and BJJ schools in Miami are headed by and/or have high ranking people who trained at FFA... and I'm very proud of that.  It feels good to know that I was able to re-teach the techniques that were taught to me and that those techniques I taught are being re-taught to many, many other people - who will continue paying it forward for years.  Being part of the relay of technique passing is an honor.  Furthermore, since I'm a gym owner myself, I feel happy that I was able to get a lot of people started on the journey of owning or running their own programs.


And Skywalker you mentioned top people leaving our gym - people leave our gym everyday.  When you got close to a 1,000 students, people are signing up and leaving everyday.  For every "top guy" that leaves, we have two or three that take their place.  You can talk a lot of trash about the gym but the results about the gym are undisputable.  Our fight team, as of March 2010, has a record of 138-49 in kickboxing and MMA... that is almost a 74% win ratio, having trained fighters in the UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator, EliteXC, Bodogfight, ADCC, and other great shows.  All these fighters went through the same machine you are bashing and insulting.  It wasn't for you, I can appreciate it, but there is no need to insult anyone. 

I'm sorry you didn't like your experience but there is no reason to disrespect anyone.  You didn't like it, that is fine, but to be throwing insults is childish and not the way a true martial artist behaves.  There is a good chance that one of your instructors or teammates got their start (or their purple/brown/black belt) training with me... it wouldn't hurt to show some respect, especially in a public forum.  If you REALLY have a problem with something and want to voice your opinion about it to me, feel free to speak to me directly, you can call the gym and make an appointment to come speak to me.  Mention to Mr. Kevin that this is about a discussion on the UG, he'll make you an appt, and I'll hear you out, but only if you are going to speak to me in a respectable manner and not like a high school kid.

--Master Marcos Avellan

P.S.  I mentioned stats as of March 2010 because I don't have he updated April 2011 stats on my laptop... but the numbers are either on the same percentage or better.

P.P.S.  So you can see some of the changes I'm talking about, here is a video infomercial about our gym:

P.P.P.S.  For the gym owners who want to learn more and jump in to the next week long training session, go to and join Master Lloyd Irvin's next event in August.  I am a consultant under his organization and the event was for his mastermind members.

P.P.P.P.S.  Just in case you have NOT read enough already :)  here is an interview I just did this week with JiujitsuMania:  The interview talks about our history, how my brother and I came up, who was our instructors, etc.

P.P.P.P.P.S.  Skywalker, I don't take your comments personally, I actually respect your comments and opinion, I obviously though would have preferred more respect about it, I think you could have expressed your opinion without having to disrespect me or my gym.   But dispite your insults, although it is not the way I would have expressed a grievance, especially publicly, I still do respect it and appreciate it. 


congrats dawley!!

F*ck the haters too!! keep it positive!!

Props to FFA/Coach Marcos/Dawley. That was a sick fight!!!

 Most importantly, THANK YOU coach Marcos for coming on here and personally posting.  Im very pleased to hear that you actually remember my lesson...and yes, I know, I still have one more that I havent came down and collected on for 3 years now.  I promise I will one day...maybe this summer?  But it means alot to me that you actually got to see this thread.  I epically LOVE this position and series and I use it all the time in training.  And finally getting to use it in a fight was awesome.  And I do know if I didnt train with Marcos/FFA, I wouldve never learned it.  Ive yet to be at a gym where they rep this position. So thanks again for helping my game!

Secondly, this thread is about me thanking someone who helped me alot.  I too respect and appreciate all opinions and thoughts...but please, if you dont like Marcos or FFA, then by all means START YOUR OWN THREAD.  you have the RIGHT to start a thread and express how you feel.  But Im asking that you please NOT do it on this one.  I worked very hard to get ready for this fight and I want to share the good mojo with everyone who has helped me.  Please, dont rain on my parade man! lol

And Mr. Tom Lawlor...I plan on making a trip to the Jungle again soon. Would like to say a BIG THANKS to you guys as well accepting me to train occasionaly and working with me.  Tell coach Gomrad Im coming for him! :)