BIG thanks to you...

Thanks in no small part to my fan base here at The UnderGround, I've been chosen to be a host on Spike Tv's new MMA talk show MMA Junkie!
The producer for the show said specifically that with all the great support I've gotten in the forums that I was an easy choice for them.
This is not going to be a dried up retelling of the fight we all just watched. This is going to be us giving our opinions on the calls and the fights.
And for the FIRST time on an MMA show, being that it's live, we're going to have a LIVE feed Twitter wall going so we can see your questions and YOU the fans can interact with us on the show.
Your support here has brought me back to the forum. Specifically the page ATT: Nate where I'm answering questions and telling stories.
As a small thank you to all of you, the first fifty people to send a self addressed stamped envelope to me I will send them a FREE Zombie Cage Fighter iron on patch! Any one over the 50 person limit will get a FREE ZCF sticker.
Just my small way of saying thank you for all of your support.
You know, I never got to fight on TUF 1. And I haven't fought in nearly two years. And yet I still have great fans and their support. Thanks to all of you for making this possible.
Zombie Cage Fighter
600 NE Couch
Portland OR 97232
Thank you!!
Oh and a big thank you to my agent Gary Ibarra at the AMR Group who really go in there and made this happen. I'm proud to call him my agent and friend.

congratz Nate glad to hear, and looking forward to the show


Now make everyone on the show talk about zombie killing strategies.

ShanTheMan - Awesome!

Now make everyone on the show talk about zombie killing strategies.

You know that's going to come up at some point...

Congrats to the new gig! Phone Post

We don't have to thank the Canadians who helped though, do we?


 That's great Nate.. Congratulations

Do the what?

Oh man! That is awesome Nate! I'll be watching for sure :) Phone Post

Congrats Nate. Nice to see one of the good guys get a spot like this.

  Congrats Nate! Glad to see Spike putting more MMA programming together. Looking forward to it

TTT for Nate! Phone Post

 haha.. someone needs to post a link to the thread with the fighter and everyone doing the fhaka so he understands.. lol I forget the title of the thread

 Nice, TTT

Excited for the show. When does it debut?

Gotcha! Secret handshake shit... Or course I'm going to tell women I'm doing it just for them...
Feb 23 LIVE on Spike!

TTT Nate... Awesome just awesome cant wait to watch!

Congrats Nate! Looking forward to a segment about zombie murdering strategies. Phone Post

 Nice man! Always been a big fan. Can't wait to see it!

Congrats and good luck Nate.

They could not have chosen a better guy. Congrats!