Big Timmay doing the UG sign on Pudz's face? (pic)

He's doing it wrong, if so.


In all seriousness, I hope Pudz takes some time off to really work his stamina and stand up.

He's shown he has a jaw, the drive, and ability to win... but needs MMA cardio.

He will never have stamina. It's not possible for someone who carries so much muscle. If he loses his muscle, he loses his only strength really.. He has nothing except for being incredibly strong..

^ And for disagreeing with me, I'm going to have to single tie clinch and KO you again in the new UFC game on PS3. =]

Just kidding JOB, they fixed the tweaks.

But seriously.

Pudz hasn't shown any skill in any area of MMA. Why are people convinced that he can be good if he gets cardio? He's huge and really strong. Dassit.