Big trade!

antonio davis, Jerome williams, and chris jeffries to chicago

jalen rose, lonny baxter, donyell marshall to toronto


i'm especially upset at JYD leaving!!

Holy shit!!

I think this is going to bring even more confusion to Chicago. What's ya'lls thought on this trade?

"I think this is going to bring even more confusion to Chicago."

I agree with that, and I personally feel that Toronto will benefit from this trade.

JYD, AD, tyson, curry in their front court??? wtf they better be trading for others

i don't know about that....

rose was the main ingredient and this dude is overrated. i don't even like him

Donyell Marshall is definitely improving, and Rose will now have a great scorer on his team in Carter.

lol, Marshall went off tonight!!!

27 pts, 9 boards, and 4 blocks in the Raptors win over the 76ers!!!

10-14 overall and 4-5 from 3 point land!!!

Wow, Marshall went off again tonight and Rose barely missed a triple double!!

And Rose was no more the main ingredient than Marshall cause like I said Marshall is improving, a lot. lol

Toronto is going to be amazing (in the east) due to this trade, their offense has sky rocketed, they even have a chance to win the championship... if the league decided to get rid of all western conferences lmao.


yo don't get me wrong, i'm so glad that AD is gone. he was a cancer. as for chris jefferies, i really don't care. BUT JYD..... i give a shit!

however, the team is winning so i'm happier

i still miss JYD though. he did a lot for T.O

Yeah, they lost some COOL players, but they picked up more meaningful players imo. I'm not even gonna get into my thoughts on how the old Raptors team looked. lol