BIG upcoming fights for...

AZ fighter Gabe "the hitman" Rivas has three big fights coming up over the next three months, who is now 7-1, after coming off of a recent loss to Danny Higgins.

fight one is against undefeated Gladiator Challenge 145lb champion Urijah Faber, in a non title fight @ 155lbs in gladiator challenge on january 27th.

Fight two is against albaquerque native, thai fighter James Martinez, in albaquerque in King of the Cage on Feb.5.

Fight three, is against pride veteran Charles "Crazy horse" Bennett in march. This is supposed to be KOTC's biggest event yet, and it will be on pay per view.

Everyone please support the next AZ fighter to make it onto pay-per-view and into the big shows.


ummm, doesn't Gabe have like 5 losses in RITC?

Gabe early in his career was not nearly as knowledgable and dangerous as he is now. He has fought some decent guys recently and beat them by K.O. He has trimmed down, and gained some great hand skills. He is a completely different fighter now than when he first started fighting. KOTC is a good spot for him right now.

"ummm, doesn't Gabe have like 5 losses in RITC?"

as an amature, yes. but fighting under pro and nhb rules, he is 7-1... 3-0 in dangerzone (nhb rules, 1 ko).
2-0 RITC (2 KO's). 1-0 in Reto Maximo in mexico (win via tapout strikes). and 1-1 in KOTC (win via KO, loss via armbar.)