Big Wes Reveals Dirt on Gracie"s

Wes is going to be on Fearless Radio on Thursday 3:30 eastern time.

He is going to tell everyone some messed up stuff about what the gracies did to him.

You all need to listen. To learn the truth about the Gracies.

For all of you gracie nuthuggers out there Im not making this up or in anyway trying to disrespect the Gracies.



Bar-None do you know what Wes is going to tell? If you Do he told me to tell everyone do not post it until after the show.

The gracies don't have to do anything to Wes, he sucks all by himself.

This is a scam to get your home address so they can sell you time shares.


3rd hook :)

Seriously I gotta wait til thurs for this shit?

I'm not real, LOL

LOL at santa and timeshares. BTW, who is "Big Wes"?

Nice thread title ya sausage.

this is going to be great I can't wait for you guys to here what they did to him

Goku has red-nose reindeered the correct

Im not saying that it cost him the match vs Daniel Gracie or anything.

Im saying that they did some funny shit to before the fight.

I will post it after the radio show on thursday for those that to not hear it.

You will all be laughing your @$$E$$ off when you here it.

No matter how I tell it it will be funnier coming from Wes. The even funnier part is Coleman warned him it might happen so I guess they have done it to other people as well.


"if its anything like wes' explanation when mike kyle bit will be comedic GOLD!"

Uh, the explanation was the truth...Kyle bit him. Not sure how that is comedic GOLD.

This is going to be one of the funniest things to ever come out, Wes is not making excuses, he is just going to tell the facts of what the Gracie Camp did to him before the fight.

I just wish I would of thought of it first, that way all of my boys could be undeafted.

The Gracies are very smart, but to do what they did if it was to anybody else it would not have been told but BUT to be that afraid of Wes to do this to him WILL make the 3rd fight even better. (Both parties have agreed to a rematch in principal)

Someone please re-name "big wes", to "little geraldo rivera".