Big Wes vs Tank

Wes via anything he wants rd 1


<img src=""

lol at "anything he wants". Have you learned nothing from The Pav?

Where?  What leauge?  Someone make this happen, great all around fight IMO.  Lots of attitude, lots of heat.  Tard Strength vs. Tard!  

Can't see the Sims round 1 finish though,

This fight MUST happen

^where is that pic from?

I guess I'm skipping lunch today.

Superbrawl I think?

I think that it was from a "Total Combat" show in Mexico but,I could be wrong.

Make this happen!

It happened in Tiajuana and after that he challenged anyone in the audience to fight and Brandon Vera came down...guess what no fight

Vera by ownage


I don't think Big Wes hits hard enough to handle the Tank.

Rastus, you blasphumus man stop it, he will pound Tank

Fist, bow, power bomb, foot stomp, head but, knee

Hell it is a fight aint it

Sorry, Candy Man. Beg to differ! =)

Don't forget Tank vs Cabbage ftr.

Then differ we must, when it happens we will make a wager then

We make wager. Transfer many coins.