Big Wes vs Tank

Big Wes, don't let #277 down, I will have many coins bet on you

You will struck with truth, Candy Man, on that great day of reckoning. I take many coins. Many. You no be mad, please after coin-rape. Be happy.

Oh my what the hell ^ is that

Big Wes, I am going to need you to take care of Tank for real, I am not going any where near ^ that guy


I asked Big Wes about this and he says he would fight Tank in a second. It would be a dream!

The chaos from such a fight would be legendary!

The dream match for 2007 IMO

What show can make it happen

Is this fight signed yet? If not whats the hold up.

I hope tank wins, not sure if it'll happen though

ttt for Wes puttin the beat down on Tank

seriously, why the hell does anyone even know who wes simms is? he is the biggest non talented retard since hess.

how did he get into any of the big shows? how did this happen? how?

Tank vs The Colonel would be an epic battle with the Colonel winning with his superior tactical planning & overall fighting spirit. Not to mention the backing of the mighty Sims Army!...

A Tank is no match for the mighty Sims Battle Ship.


No MATCH .667

Evil I miss you we dont talk anymore :(

I'd love to see this fight. Great matchup!

Sorry Sac...I am always around, just stretched thin these days...

Everybody needs a little EvilMaster, so I have to ration myself very carefully to make sure that the masses get equal shares of EvilMaster for the holiday season. Just to keep the balance.