Big West teams all playing tonight

Spurs are kicking the Clippers ass, The Kings are losing to the Grizz in the opening few minutes, the Mavs are leading Portland in the opening minutes, and the Lakers are gonna be playing in Oakland in a little while.

If the Kings lose to the Grizzlies again I think I'll have a Steve W breakdown. >:[

And Minnesota already beat the Knicks. lol, didn't want to leave the Wolves out. :)

God damnit, Kings are getting their shit pushed in by the Grizz and I think I read that Brad Miller got his shot blocked by Jason Williams. HOW THE FUCK?!?!?

32-20 Grizz leading after the first quarter. :(

Halftime, 54-52 Grizz. Stojakovic is suckin it up shooting 3 of 11 from the field. Luckily he's 9 of 10 from the line. Miller is kickin ass and is easily on his way to another double double with 17 and 8 at the half.

I really wish I could have seen all the T's that got dished out near the end of the first half. lol, Peja must be hanging around Vlade too much. :)

Hell yeah, watched the last 6 minutes of a close Warriors vs Lakers game while the Kings were at halfime.

61-46 Warriors at the half, but it'd be stupid to count the Laker out. The Warriors have a lot of talent, and from the minutes I saw I'd say a homecourt advantage as well. lol, oh, and these jerseys SUCK!!!

The Warriors look like the Lakers and the Lakers look like I don't know who. lol

Oh, and the Kings have their first lead of the game since I've been following, 66-60 with 4:40 to go in the third.

Feel free to chime in folks, I know that there are fans of all the teams playing right now and we CAN discuss basketball in a civil manner. :)

Brian, In your case, feel free to say nothing. ;)

Spurs pound the Clippers 111-90,

the Kings overcome an early 17 point deficit to beat the Grizzlies 114-97, while Peja overcame TERRIBLE first half shooting to finish 5-10 from 3 point range and 11-22 overall with 41 pts.
Brad Miller had another HUGE game with 20 pts, 17 boards, 6 assts, 3 blocks and 2 steals. :)

And the Blazers beat the Mav's 97-88. :)

Now I'm awaiting the Lakers Warriors outcome, which should favor GS unless they blow it.

Lakers lose, I don't know the score, but there's like 20 seconds left and it's around 8 pts so Lakers lose. Good stuff, the gay teams from Cali AND Texas both lost tonight. GO HETERO'S!!!! j/k guys/gays ;)

LOL!!! You are so hollow. :)

WOW, Posey is a little fucking WHORE!! Did anyone catch the highlights on SC?? With 14 seconds left in the game and the Grizz clearly going to lose Posey throws Peja to the floor after Peja fouls him. lol

They weren't up 20. :) And THANK YOU WARRIORS!!! Kings and Lakers tied for the West AND the best NBA record!! Take your meaningless streak and shove it up your ass Brian!! ;)

lol, just saw it again, Peja did nothing wrong. Posey fouled him and flung him. He's lucky his frail ass didn't catch a beating. :)

ttt, Peja or one of the other crackers shoulda beat Posey's ass!! :)

Listen all u Reds!!!..Lakers will win all!

"Even with your 20-6 record, or whatever, you are still a seed behind my 20-10 Spurs."

"WHEN the Spurs do, they must go down as one of the best teams in history."

lol, dude, you are craptastic. You are like a troll of a mod. :)

Losing to the Warriors is an embarrassment, but having a 20-6 record certainly ISN'T. Spurs are still four games behind LA in the loss column. Gee, I wonder why...

Aaaah, I see that now we're playing the talent card. :)