Big_Slacker CCNP

Finished off ISCW this morning. Supposed to be 'hard' and I can see how for most R&S test takers it would be. Lots of sims with GRE, SDM, AAA CLI configs, etc... I think this was the most times in a test EVER where it's like, "Loading" (what you see before a sim question) Had to have been 10-15 of them. WTF.

For someone who ramped up for a security lab attempt previous to the CCNP studies this test was a breeze.

So, now I'm a CCNA, CCNP, CCSP and CCSI. Plus CCIE security written passed and a lab attempt. All in about a calendar year, on top of a regular 45ish hour workweek.

People shouldn't bitch about not having enough time. Its easy. Cancel your cable TV, problem solved. Get to work, slackers! :D

For me its now back to practice for the security lab. I'll start a new post with my updated strategy so others can benefit hopefully.


You are an animal


Nice progress!!!  I think it's time you changed your name.  :)

 shit i need to do that and get my CISSP...