Bigest guy in your school

For the most part it seems that BJJ has guys in the 5' 1" (hodney) to 6 foot 3 range and around 250 max. With most in the 5'9" (hodneys dream) to 6'1" 215 range.

How big is the biggest guy in your school and how big is the biggest guy you ever rolled against.

My school largest is 6' 8" 280 pounds.

Largest I ever rolled with 6' 6" 400 pounds.

Me 5'7" 175

How did rolling with the 400 pounder go? That's a big man!

LOL well at first he was tapping all day long about two months into it however things did not go so well giving up that much weight and size and power (yes he was fat but damn strong as well) menas that you can not let him get you down and get on top for him side control was his best weppon, if he got there I was screwed because I could not make sapce hell I could not dig out from under the fat to get a breath of air. When he was side control he covered my whole body.

He also learned to not stick his arms out when mounted I had seen him go from laying on his back with a guy about 145 trying to arm bar him to standing up with that same guy hanging off his bent arm.

This was way back when I first got my blue belt. I knew then that the fact is Size and power plus just enough understanding of how to defend makes for a very tough fight. He never wa able to submit me with anything other then the crush.

I will say the bennifit to this was that I am never afraid to roll with big guys. I recall the first time I went to Eric Williams school the only guy for me to team up with was Bruce who at the time was around 240 250 solid as a rock and like 6 4 or 5. Some people thought I was crazy.

We've got a cop who's 6"4, 280 with that big barrel chest and stomach, but there is so much muscle packed under there that it's hard to do anything when he gets side control. Also he's a purple belt so he knows what he's doing too, he's not just laying there.

Biggest guy at the school is 6'4" and 240, I'm also 6'4" but only 165/170.

Biggest guy I have rolled with was a crazily strong 6'6" American Wrestler who turned up at Roger's Academy. To start off with he was just blasting through everything I tried, I eventually was able to control him but really had to focus on control and using his aggression against him (he was a total newb to BJJ - first lesson), would be scary to roll with him after a bit of training.

6'3 and 280..he's one of my training partners. I am one of a few guys who can just about close my guard on him, which is pointless anyway, you have to open up for big guys.

6'3'' 330 lbs. And i'm only 5'9'' 140lbs. He's never tapped me yet. We started around the same time, but I've been going about 4-5 times a weeks in the past 2 yrs. He's missed months at a time here and there. The kid is only 17 yrs old!!! He pulls the crush on me, but after a while, I can manage half guard, then slip out, take the back, flatten him out, and eventually get the lapel under his chin (no neck) and have to stand and pull up with all my little strength to get the choke.

Tallest guy was about 6'5'', newb, probably like 200 lbs... piece of cake. I'm a blue belt now. =)

His name is Lamb, Jacob Lamb.

rolling with significantly bigger guys is stupid and even a random accident can get you badly injured.

^depends on the bigger guy. Jacob's never injured me.

"Biggest guy at the school is 6'4" and 240, I'm also 6'4" but only 165/170."

Do you mean roger? roger is 6'4'' 220.
i'd say the brown belt who broke my wrist is bigger (6'1 260) and thiago borges (Monster) who was at ours is 6'0 245.

south african sean is probably bigger as well (6'5'' 280)

the biggest guy i ever rolled with was Gigante at Barra Rio, who is about 6'7 or 6'8'' i think, tho he probably only weighs 220 or 230.

and since when were you ever 6'4''? 6'3'' i'd say :o)

The biggest guy ever at my school was 6'6" and 325. He's now 6'6" (surprising, that) and 270. That's me.

Biggest guy is now Harry. 5'10" and 295. He's been bigger, too.

Harry (at 310) is the biggest I've ever rolled with.

FYI - Princes Bubble Yum is about 1/2 inch from being able to be an official "little person". 

FYI - Princes Bubble Yum is about 1/2 inch from being able to be an official "little person".

Strangely enough HODNEY is also 1/2 inch from having an official penis.

Was refering to a Fabio here in Mexico 6?4" 240 and strong!

And I am 6,4" I just don?t look it because I have a long neck (means my shoulders are lower than Roger?s)

Were you there when that Huge American guy turned up? I think he was in the forces or something, real preppy looking but strong as an ox.

Oh and Sovan, Jsho is just pissed cos a big guy sat on him and busted his wrist.

My instructor (Kai Garcia) is a Black Belt from Royler and he is 6'2" 265 and moves like a cat! Just ask any top BB and they'll tell you about him. We just had Saulo and Xande here last month, Comprido the month before and he gives those guys a hard time!

I have rolled with a veteran wrestler and mma fighter who was about 5'11" and 235-240 before, solid and strong. I also scrimmage in wrestling with my coach who is 6'2" or 6'3" and addition, I have rolled with a few dudes over 230-240. You do have to be careful indeed. I am 6'1" and 190 or so.

I use to have a guy who was 6'2" 350lbs. He dropped to 315 after he traing for about 6 months. I can remember almost tapping from just having him side-control on me. He eventually moved out of state.

I have a guy who trains with me now who is about 300-315 and use to wrestle. He is still pretty easy for me to catch, but gives everyone else hell.

I use to also train with a big guy who was a former College wrestler. He had actually beaten Jeff Blatnic at some point. He was 6'3" 365! And was very hard to deal with. I did Judo with this guy and only rolled with him once. He was awesome, very fast on his feet! The last i heard he was down to about 280.

I've rolled with many seriously strong and big guys on a regular basis, probably somewhere between 220 and 300 pounds.