Bigfoot Head, Frozen since 1953 Proof of Sasquatch

Bigfoot Head, Frozen since 1953. My father, Mike Caine shot the Sasquatch with his friend Morty Lucas while on a hunting trip. Its remained in my family and kept frozen. Only proof in existence of Sasquatch

Seems Legit...


Bigfoot Severed Ankle and Right Foot unveiled. Only known Physical proof of Sasquatch

Bigfoot used me to have a Baby, Grown man cries like a baby

Bigfoot's baby dies Breast feeds Cocker Spaniel Puppy


Side Effects From Bigfoot meat, The Power of Bigfoot, Health benefits

LMFAOOOO.. the one crying is good

That's a bear.

Pretty small spine

Bigfoot Had Sex with Farmers Wife

Seems legit

bigfoot and the Hendersons

Bigfoot attempted Rape on Dog Trainer

"He tried to violate my anus with a mud stick" Bigfoot attempted Rape on Dog Trainer

Bigfoot Penis it's huge

Doesn't look like bigfoot to me but then again i dont know what one looks like.

Bigfoot Masturbates, Man Terrified , Police Called, Major University to Investigate 

Bigfoot had Sex by my Barn, "I'm Terrified, Its like a Sasquatch Bath house"

Its like its a LGBT bathhouse for Bigfoot and Sasquatch

LOL @ "it felt good I admit, I blew my load"