Bigger Cacks: Short or Tall Guys?

This developed from a thread I made on the OG, and I need additional research.

I've dated mostly average to short guys (5'9-5'6) and I've only been with two tall guys that had an above-average dick.

Is this true? Do short guys have the extra inches where it counts?

Biggest weener guy was about 5'9.

5'6, in my experience. I still have a pic of it. Wanna see?


MMAmail me your email addy


I honestly have no idea what to say. I'm completely speechless.


It doesn't happen very often that I am speechless, but I have no clue what to say and I am talking in circles.

And that's a partial!!!

All that on a 5'6 half Czech, half Norwegian guy.

It was a little smaller (diameter wise) than your clinched fist when it was full-on.

The diameter was just smaller than a clinched fist?

stares blankly

blinks once

Well, my clinched fist, lol. My hands are pretty small though and "just smaller" is perhaps 25% smaller.

I struggled to give it the proper oral attention it needed.

I struggled to give it the proper oral attention it needed.

It's like its own being.

  • gets visual of ABC gnawing on a pepperidge farms summer sausage *

LOL @ DocLiz

CSG he said that he made several girls cry and several declined sex entirely. Needless to say, it was a slow task, but...




I will send email.

I wanna see this anomaly!

I wanna see this anomaly!

i thought you already saw my nakie pics?

Sent Chesty