Bigger Cacks: Short or Tall Guys?

wow. i never come over here and hang the OG.

my ears got really hot reading this thread.


I'm curious... but in a non-gay way.


yes I'm curious as well

"5'6, in my experience. I still have a pic of it. Wanna see?" sure ArmbarCity got me curious, lmao

Size matters in several regards

  1. Too big -- Like the one I experienced -- and you can't really FUCK.

  2. Too small -- On the one hand I can deep throat better, on the other hand, it may miss the important areas it needs to hit or just not feel as good. Sure it can get the job done, but I'll be walking just fine tomorrow.

Therefore, just right is the best option. That varies from person to person, IMO.

"Do short guys have the extra inches where it counts?" From my latest experience, I would have to say yes.. haha

Ohh and I wanna see too!


What!? I just wanna see if it's bigger then mine. Jerk.

same reason you pretend to be a man. :)

You tell me.. Was it? ;)

"grow up you fucking drag queen..." --- Yea ok!! LOL!


"grow up you fucking drag queen..." --- Yea ok!! LOL!


height doesnt matter. but i have been told that the skinny guys always have the big cocks. being skinny myself it is always nice to hear.

Good thread right here~!

Please inform more women of this.


i heard skinny guys got bigger cocks.

*suck in gut*

As a not tall man myself, I approve of this thread.

ABC Send me the pic. If it its seriously bigger than mine then I'll send you a pic of my cack. No Joke. I'm 6'4 190lbs. If its not bigger than mine Ill just laugh and ill leave you in the mystique of how big my cack really is.

Oh and I'm Dominican if that counts for anything.

I've seen evidence of Dominican greatness, so I will take your word for it.

Sadly, if I send out this gent's pic to one and all who were curious, I'd be distributing it quite a bit. I'm not really comfortable with that, because I wouldn't want the same done to me.

We'll just say you win. :)

Lol glad to see you've been blessed by dominican grace haha. I'll bow then and take the no contest. Here are my diameters taken by my ex at full erection.

8 3/4" Length
5.7" Body width (Tape measure going around not across)
5.9" Head width (Bottom of the darth vader helmet)

I can relate to some girls being intimidated, my ex's first reaction was nervous laughter and then she asked me if she can measure it, lol. Also my sexual partner before her did kinda scare me with her fucking high pitch yelps of pain and growling everytime i drilled deep, never made a girl cry in terms of tears though. My sexual experiences are limited though I've only had 5 sexual partners and I'm 21 (Always have been a relationship man till now)