Bigger Cacks: Short or Tall Guys?


slightly < 8" and 6 1/2" around

Lol glad to see you've been blessed by dominican grace haha.

I haven't been blessed, but I have "seen the light." LOL.

Your measurements sound intimidating for sure. Unfortunately, the only pic I have of the Scandinavian-Eastern European beast isn't at full attention. He's about 25-40% but he elicited quite a response from CSG, lol. My memory of his full-on size is more tactile -- I struggled with it.

You definitely don't expect to see it on a short guy. He was a nice, fit stocky size. The other top sizes have come on short-average height guys who are skinny.

Either way, best of luck with your gifts. ;)

kpdonttap, nice try lol. but im a sexual psyche fanatic. and the thickest PP ever officially measured (That was not augmented with surgery or affected by mutation or disease or was a pornstar BSing) was a lil over 6". Average is 4.7" with a Standard deviation of .8... Bah your probably trolling anyways why waste my knowledge.

I see what you mean, Actually between those percentages of erection your penis tends to be thicker in the middle because the penis is not fully stretched yet.
As far as using my gifts go, It literally has been 4 months. Its cause I've been denying the skanks that want to get it on immediately and I haven't had the time/money to dedicate to the prettier girls that Im really into. But Im putting an end to this fucked up situation this Saturday when I go on a 7 day cruise with all my homeboys.
Im aiming for a girls 25-30, the two that were around that age made for some of the most memorable sexual encounters and are even excited at the challenge. These college girls im exposed to all day cannot handle my mandingo.

Have fun and be safe! ;)

Still wanna see my dick ?

Lol j/k I wouldnt be a true OGer If Hadnt said that.

i never troll. a dollar bill wrapped around it wont touch. think what you will. im not a braggart, just know what i got. its nice not to be so big that girls dont want to try it or to be so long that i cant put the whole thing in.

it's all about a happy medium.

Lol thats exactly what my ex used to measure it the first time, is that from a movie or something? Still dont believe you from earlier though.

This could be settled on Tapout. LOL



i know several women that will vouch for kp if you need some references. not that i am a fag or anything

and my brother Grimm1 with the assist.

really is my brother

ABC-i would have no shame in tapout pics


The gauntlet seems to have been cast, as it were...

Oh my how this thread has turned.


Excuse me gents? Where are the motherfucking pics??

i threw the preverbial gauntlet, now im waiting on acceptance of the challenge

wow this thing died quickly

Oh shit, lol I was on a cruise for a week in the caribbean. but wtf someone has to get me a bluename or access to one