Bigger Faster Stronger

I've been hip to this protocol for quite a while and use the philosophy in my training. It blends weight training and sprinting and plyometrics well.

Anyone else been reading the BFS books, and even more, has anyone been to a BFS clinic?

TTT for BFS clinics.

I've not heard of these books. Please elaborate.



College and High School training system. I have heard the clinics are good and they put on 500 per year nationwide.

The system focuses on Squats, Bench Press, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, and also alot of sprinting and plyometrics. It focuses on progression alot. Very basic.

Interesting. Could you give an example of a typical workout using this protocol (eg. how many days a week; what kind of split between weights / plyos / sprints / etc)?

It is a flexible program, but typically Weights on Monday Wednesday and Friday and Sprinting Plyometrics and Agility on Tuesday and Thursday, stretching every day. Each week on the weights has a different rep scheme allowing for better progression.

What kind of results have you seen using this program? (I assume you're using the "Total Program" as was advertised on the BFS website)

It allows you to break records without hitting so many plateaus. My Squat and Bench have gone up. I am not skipping my sprint/plyo workouts, I used to neglect these sometimes.

I may check out the book - I see it's available on Amazon for like twelve bucks. $69 for the "Total Program" is out of my price range for right now.

Question - how much different would a program like BFS be relative to doing a good weight routine 3 days a week (squats, deads, bench, military press, dips) & doing Scrapper's stuff on T-H? I ordered Scrap's Mod1 (still waiting on the video - the initial one was crushed during shipping) and I like Scrap's approach which includes several exercises that I think would fall into the plyo category.

$69 seems like a lot of dough for what seems like a straightforward and sensible program that you can work out yourself

exactly, it's not rocket science

Before I stopped playing football due to MMA and wrestling commitments, my coach had us do the BFS program in the off season. The first lifting I ever did was with the program, and I think its great for a begginer program because its very straight forward. I think it was giving me atleast some of the stregnth to maintain my self proclaimed title of the smallest center in highschool football who actually played (at the time I was 5'5, and 120lbs only benched 125)

With that said, once I got into the swing of lifting (I made great gains in the beggining) I think there are better programs you could use, or use the same without having to pay money. It's a good starting program, but not worth the money you will pay for it, although it will give you gains if you decide to use it and lift hard.


Not so expensive, all you need is the book ($12.95) and the clinics I hear are only $50. Has anyone been to a BFS clinic?

It is not necessarily a beginner routine if you are pushing the kind of weight they recommend.

What I meant by saying begginer routine was moreso a comliment to it (or atleast what I meant to say.) It's a very good tutorial to weightlifting, nothing too confusing or anything, and introduces you to good lifts.

An experienced lifter could use it and get results, I just think you can get better results from something else.


Hey Wig, what's an example of something else?

kansetsuwaza, what kind of weight do they suggest you use for their workouts? Do you train to failure, is it high rep (German Vol style), etc? Just curious.

cuprogue, are you familiar with the BFS workout? Why do you say that it would not produce cosmetic-type gains? What does the workout consist of?

I don't listen to your mother either. Better find another program.

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