Bigger impact: NWO or DX?

Which stable would you say had a bigger impact on their respective organizations, and on the industry in general?

nWo...way bigger. I would say more but so sleepy.

nwo cus........

they were for?


nWo, without question!

hey yo survey say nWo

nWo had a bigger initial impact but they wore pretty thin after every bad guy on the roster became nWo. DX had a better run overall and were able to more effectively ride their popularity wave.

NWO by far.

nWo until it became a fuckin farce...scott norton, buff bagwell, virgil, etc...get the fuck outta here

NWO had the biggest peak, but DX had more staying power and long term influence.

DX helped make stars of people, NWO was a vehicle for already-established stars and guys that hung out in packs of 5-30 at a time around big stars but didn't do anything worthwhile.

Which one's impact on the world of professional wrestling is going to be remembered the longest???

I say the N.W.O.

They gave the sport the "shot in the arm" it needed to become mainstream again.

I like DX, but they were no N.W.O. Now it would have been cool to see ALL the members of "The KLIQ" in WCW to form the original N.W.O. That would have been a completely different experience.

nWo by a longshot.

I remember reading that Hogan was actually getting death-threats right after he turned heel and formed the nWo...

On a side note, one of the funniest things I ever saw was them finding Rey Rey laid out on the ground, running up to check on him, and all he could do was utter "Cuatro...Cuatro!!!"

nWo, no even a question, I'd give them the nod for the black and white hacked feed segments alone

While I too say NWO, I was originally intending to point out that DX was huge in ushering in the "Attitude Era", but I forgot about guys like Austin who did as well.

Didn't the nWo span over to Japan?

jeff farmer was the fake sting

NWO by long shot but as someone said after a while it was impact but a bunch of superstars ganging and jumping folks was boring after a while. Even more so with superstars just riding the crowd withthe "crew" doing absolutely nothing was get boring also.

DX was able to carry on long and was keeping it interesting by actually still wrestling and not just "hanging" with t he crew crap.

The nWo angle seemed to be what gave WCW the momentum to be tops for a while. While DX was obviously a similar group, I think that Austin/McMahon is the closer comparison in terms of big impact angles for the WWF.

nWo was possibly the "greatest angle" in the history of wrestling. Greatest angle in the context of the fact that it was the angle that put WCW in control of the "Monday Night Wars" for a very long time, thus buying them several more years of existance to compete against the WWE. If not for that whole angle, WCW would have more than likely had the plug pulled much sooner. However, the nWo is tainted by the fact that after manging it quite well, the angle was ran straight into the ground and by the end people hardly cared anymore.