BIGGER Mike Camp News

Due to Mike Camp's recent and exciting win over Anthony Ferguson in the last LFC along with continuing help.


Cut Throat is proud to announce that Mike is now apart of the family.


Mike may not be the best fighter in the world, but his heart and energy will never be matched.


Plus he hold the bold distinction of getting married in the Octagon before a UFC PPV!


Thanks for all of your help Mike

ttt for Camp.


Mike Davis: You are one of the best guys I know. Mike couldn't have gotten to where he is now and where he will be going in the future without great guys like you, Keith Palmer and Scott. Sorry, don't know Scott's last name. I couldn't be happier we are part of the family, by the way when will you be getting our way for some home cooking? Love all you guys for the support, keep it up.

Mrs. Camp


CutThroat has the best fightwear in the business. I am proud and honored that they would allow me to wear their gear. Special thanks to Mike Davis and the entire CutThroat family for their continued support throughout my quest to live my dreams! God bless MMA!!!!

Congrats Sidemount!

CutThroat, like Mike Camp, Kicks AASSSSSSSSS

Congratulations Mike!!

thanks again to everyone. I am only going to get better with some refinement from Jake.

TTT for Mike...One of the real "good" guys in this sport!!

TTT for Mike Camp!

I hate mike camp, let that be known!!!! I see him; I kill him. I'm coming up to heavyweight and I'm looking for you Mike. I set my search and destroy to your frequency, dammit. You'd better run (cardio), but don't hide, that just makes me angry.


Why would Mike Camp run from you eiuwrestler? Don't you know how superior he is to you? LOL! We love ya, hope to see you soon for that butt kicking.

lmmfao @ Ebersole!!!

Congrats Mike, all the years, disappointments, hard times and tears are now worth it huh? Other than me, noone deserves it more.


Mike, have them throw some gear my way...I am alwasy looking for people that sale gear for us Big Guys!!!

glad to hear things are going well!


- Dustin Ware

top for Mike and the Missus - look forward to seeing you kick some ass one day.  later, ma


ttt lol @ Ebersole

Good job Mike keep on doing your thing brother!!