Biggest chins!!

Which fighters have the biggest CHINS, due to extra dietry suppliments??
id go with Hughs or militech

Antonio Inoki.....enuf said!!

LOL at the roid chins. Somebody do a side-by-side of Tito circa UFC 19 and now.

Dean Lister has an extraordinary chin.. it is rumored in some circles that many have called him the Latin Inoki

Inoki, Kerr, Frye and Fujita are the ones who come to mind first.

Don't forget about Kevin Roid'leman.

Santino Defranco aka Chintino.......its glorious

Hey, get it right. For Kimo, Frye, Tito and other favorites listed on this thread, it is HGH Chin.

I stand corrected Hollywood Blonde... either way bluenamer post some pics!

for Imamisno1:


Dean Lister

no one can ko rob zdar

For Tubarao:


Why do fighters have big CHINS??? why??
I mean watch basketball or swimming or running these athletes dont look like there storing a taco bell in there mouths for later.

LOL at taco bell.

Sgt. Slaughter has the biggest chin.


Hughes' chin looks like SUPERMAN'S.