Biggest D&D Backstabs?

What is the biggest backstab or cross you've ever done or witnessed in game?

The one that stands out for me is DMing a small module where one of the rooms was designed as a test of temptation. it was a cool module overall that had riddles and jokes and such, very unorthodox. Anyways, the middle of the room had an altar with a beautiful statue of gold resting upon it. A single light was shining directly down on it, and directly behind the altar was a very large statue of a dragon. it was laid out to be pretty obvious that you shouldn't grab any of the treasure off the altar.

A guy in the group decided to go up and start to take the loot, but the whole party told him not to be a moron. he said alright, but as soon as the turned around he grabbed for his prize and got the whole part massacred.

Yea, they were pretty pissed after working so hard to get taken out by something like that.

What are some of yours?

I have this wizard. Been playing him for 9 years now. And every year I tend to do something diabolical.

his methods are evil/discrete. Like Emporer Palpatine. My strength lies in shroud.

One campain I employed the services of another PC rogue. I promised him all he disired if he obeyed me and succeeded in my orders.

a buddy of mine plays a barbarian/ war priest who thought I was no good from the start. ( an astute presumption) and began exposing me.

So I captured an NPC villain and made him an offer he cant refuse.

to make a long story short, the barbarian laid in pieces at the bottom of a ravine where he started regenerating. ( via a ring ) and right when he healed together my servant switched rings while he lay unconsiouss. I fronted a heroic alibi elsewhere. and my servant recieved a reward worth retiring with when the ring was sold. ( under another persona )

Its been years and my buddy is still pissed over it.

and has ever since been trying to catch me doing something evil. It's been so much harder for him since MINDBLANK

you kind of feel good about yourself after you get another Pc to swallow poison. its got 007 villain all over it.

lol - you evil bastards

in a campaign world i played that was basically a medevil crime family setting a friend of mine played a gnome thief who was actually working for another "family" and was setting us up all the time with out us knowing it.

the DM and player playing the Gnome thief were both very good about hiding the fact it was him!