Biggest Lacrosse Hit EVER

That's the title of the video anyway.



need old embed code. youtube blocked at wrk

What the hell are you doing at work?



Hooray for concussions? Phone Post 3.0

That's not even the biggest hit I remember. Trust me, we got violent back in the days. Phone Post 3.0

That's almost all I would do when I played lacrosse lol. Ref told me to stop "head-hunting" once lol

Enforcers rule Phone Post 3.0

definitly a big hit, but not uncommon in lacrosse by any means.

That's a good hit but nowhere near the biggest I've ever seen in youth lacrosse or hockey. Phone Post 3.0

Kids used to get creamed like that playing Boxla all the time mang.

Nice hit. Also, worst highlight edit I think I've ever seen. Phone Post 3.0