Biggest lie sold to the public last 15 years?

That Islam is a noble religion of peace and tolerance is another massive lie.



It seems people here have a difficulty realizing that Thelonious speaks of inside the education system.
First World countries have indoctrinated people that this is what is best and why it is so.
So yes, after years/decades of people going through the education system which tells them that is what is correct. Probably by people who want to keep their jobs … it becomes generally accepted. It becomes societal construct.

Just like when you teach bs about a imaginary guy in the sky. Someone above had problems understanding that if you accept religion as fact and have it taught in schools it becomes societal construct and has piss all to do with science for it’s defense.

So if you believe in religion you are mentally ill, since that is what people here are saying gay people are and saying science backs up their view. Well, science doesn’t back religion in any way and you teach people to believe in something that is not real.

Everyone needs crutches in life at times, nothing unreal or not backed by science should be in the educational system imo.

There is no going back now though.

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That Trump would actually


The US government isn’t set up so that one man can just get in power and make ANY changes he wants, he’s not a king. The powers of the president are (supposed)
to be kept in check.

He may not have gotten rid of the swamp… but he certainly EXPOSED the swamp. No one knew how far the “cabal” really went until he was there. The curtain was pulled back and we got to see the “fortification” of an election.


Trump could not drain the swamp



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Stopped reading right there. Couldn’t stop laughing


Now you aren’t even trying… If you’re going to make posts this dumb, you can leave this thread!

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Between him and his furry friends, I’ll bet it’s widely accepted (just like cock)!

Joe Biden got more votes than anyone in history in the most secure election ever - in reality it was just that more votes were “counted” for Joe than any other president in history… more and more corruption comes out everyday.



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You are going to die broke and alone

It’s pretty much as simple as that.

Anyone read about the Hmong draining Siskiyou county of it’s water so they can illegally grow pot then getting pissed and claiming racism when they won’t let them truck more water in. :roll_eyes:

That Hillary wrote 33k mails on yoga and weddings.

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100 percent but don’t underestimate the terrorist bullshit! how many Muslims with rusty knives have cut heads off? Z fucking Row !!!

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All that’s gonna do is blast shit particles everywhere. Disgusting.


They are welcomed to play pretend all they want. Forcing everyone else to play along or face the cancel mob is not acceptable. Indoctrinating school children to believe that this is normal behavior rather than mental illness is not acceptable. Courts ordering parents to let their children receive hormone treatments because some tranny read them a book at the school library is not acceptable.


LMAO they just keep lying! The FBI was completely behind the Gretchen kidnapping… not Trump supporters!

Makes you wonder about 1/6/2021…