Biggest Loser In Schilling Debacle? Conor McGregor

Think about it. Schilling was flexed on by a normal sized 30 year old man and touched him twice. That guy looked like he was gonna stay asleep until the white throne judgement. It was like taking a nuke to a pillow fight.

Meanwhile Conman gives his best full power left cross to an elderly man who doesnt even see it coming. And the guy barely reacts and keeps chilling and drinking while Conor is kicked out. Conman even had to purchase the bar and ban the pensioner to get rid of him legaly since he couldnt intimidate or beat him up.

Is there really that much power difference? At this point Schilling probably would have killed the old man, and Conor would have wound up in a competitive fist fight vs the younger drunk.

It really puts into perspective there are levels to this shit.


Oh Jesus…

I’ve no doubt he might hit harder, but Schillings adversary was barely awake without the altercation.

Conor Derangement Syndrome is a real thing on this forum.


Aye, you’re definitely right. Conor was also the biggest loser when JFK got killed, when they introduced Cherry Coke and when they Changed the name of Marathon to Snickers.


The old drunk Irishman at the bar refusing Conor’s drink is the toughest bastard out of them all.

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oh shit

I think we found “That Guy”

the pimple faces better watch the fuck out now!

This is a good troll account.

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I’m just saying old dude sitting at the bar telling Conor to get Proper fucked was probably a Bushmills guy who doesn’t afford the time to fuck about with wankers anymore.

Did Conor really buy the bar just to 86 that man? Sauce?


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Nah. Conor goes out to get smashed and have fun. Gives no fucks and is there to party. Schilling is that uncomfortable insecure dickhead that goes out to nurse a few drinks while looking for a fight, or in this case, some defenseless loser to smash. Conor gets fucked up while Joe keeps a vigilant and watchful eye for those who like himself, are looking to roll some poor bastard to prove they can still get a win over someone outside of their training partners in the gym.

I say this as a guy who was a fan of Schilling and a guy who’s never once rooted for Conor.


Tie clip guy would have KOed Conor


Or literally killed him. Joe is just fortunate to have such heightened awareness to identify such deadly threats and the ability to deal with them as needed. Hashtag super necessary?

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Conor’s cucks are out in full brigade to defend their man!

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suck my dick GIF

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Conor punched an old man in the face because the wiser of the two preferred not to drink with him.

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Yeah, I’m not excusing his actions. Sorry for giving that impression by not getting into more detail. I’m just saying one of them goes out looking for shit while the other goes out and gets so shitfaced that he does dumb shit. Not an excuse. I was just talking about the different mindset they go out to the bars with.

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