Biggest Loss Ever :(

yeah phydeau, perhaps u need to move up to the 10/20c at least to get away from the calling stations. u can afford $100 cant u

it seems ur playing with scared money. i strongly suggest u set asside at least $200 and think of it as ur tuition money, be prepared to lose it, dont even think about it as money.

i had/ have this problem sometimes and its terrible, but the more u realise that people r also scared to lose, the better u get

Have you tried SNGs at all? I remember when I first deposited money close to 2 years ago, the first few weeks I was really struggling on the ring games, so I tried doing a day of 1 table SNGs and have been a winning player online since then. I have now moved back to ring games, though I still play a SNG every few days just for the fun of it.

I'm not talking about large tournaments. Just 10 (or 9, depending on the site) player sit and go's. What is the cheapest tournaments on Stars? If it's $5+1 you should probably build your roll a bit more before giving them a go, but cheaper than that I think you should at least give it a try with 10 or so games in a day.

"I prefer cash games over tournaments because to win a tournament I have to be one of the best players at the table. To win cash games I only have to be better than half the other players at the table."

In the cheaper SNG's, there are SO MANY bad players, just play smart and tight at the beginning, very tight, win some large pots and wait for all the horrible players to knock each other out. Then you can just get a big more aggresive and more or less coast into the money.

man, that really sucks that u have to live like that. im guessing a kid isnt in the picture, otherwise that would fuck things up even more.

anyway, it seems u have the right aptitude to the game, and good results should follow

Stick with it phydeau... you can be making $20 an hour in no time, with proper study and play.

Just saying you gave much more away about your hand than he did. I just figured with his range of hands and the way it played out, him stacking you, you got outplayed.

Never said he's a better player, but I think he played the hand/river either genius or fish. Fish it turns out from further hand history. Hope you buddy listed that guy.

Carl, like I said before, GENERALLY against an average player at that level I would check behind on the river.

However, on the river not value betting would be criminal against this donk. And when he raises I am getting good pot odds. I had to call $1680 to win $5300.

Reduce that down and I am getting 3.15 to 1 pot odds. 1/4.15 = 24% break even equity.

That means I only need to win the pot when I call his river raise, >24% of the time for a call to be correct.

You see how even IF I call and lose 70% of the time, that it's still correct to call, even though I LOSE most of the time when I do call?

And with his history of bluffing the river, I felt calling was fine, althought OBVIOUSLY I dont like that fact that he raised all-in.

No no no, when you play at low limits you arent playing to make money. You play at the low limits to LEARN. Mistakes are cheaper, you can experiment more since you are worried about the money, and hey you are going to make those mistakes sometime - they might as well cost you little rather than a lot.

I've played about 200 sit n go's at PokerStars. I play the $3.00 + 40 cents

The quality of play is poor, but i definately think my game has improved. At the same time I also realize i have a long ways to go before i can consider myself a decent player.

I think i'm almost ready to make the big jump to $5.00 + 50 :)

"wow, sucked out for the gutshot."

Read the board, look at his hand.


I never doubted the call on the river, just the bet. I just feel like every hand got there, and the only hand that calls, wins.

Then on second read I figured you were trying to induce a bluff with a defensive bet on the river... but I think you bet too much and he saw through it.You never gave yourself a chance to get away from the hand.I thought it was a classic case of hitting top pair against a donk and losing focus. Then I read your other HH's from this guy. Wow.

Is Small Stakes Hold EM the best book for limits games? If I could get to 20/hr I'd be a very happy man. PR, do you play mostly online or live? It's been awhile since I've been to this site.

SSHE is the best book by far for limit. It's not a beginner's book though you need to understand a lot of poker concepts.

I play 95% online.

You are right, it's no beginner's book. I have to concentrate and read things over several times to begin to get them. It's hard to follow. Tell me something though, I rented the game World Series of Poker. I played tight aggressive and made it to the final table a few times. Is this game in any sense a good indicator of how good my skill is? I'm not saying I could make it to the final table in real life, but does the game gauge your skill at all?

Honestly I havent played the game at all. I would assume that the AI of your opponents is complete garbage though, so i wouldnt make too much of it. Could be useful to practice playing your hands correctly though, and calculation pot odds and stuff.

Nothing beats playing for money though... even just nickels and dimes.

Oh one more thing, pick up Hold Em poker by Sklansky. It is a very short book on limit hold em. Excellent book and it explains the basic very well, and its way more managable than SSHE.

will do PR, thanks

Tough hand to get away from there PR.

I like over betting the turn, it prices out draws, but nothing wrong i see just a shit happens type of hand.

ttt for later