Biggest Missed Opportunity in MMA

Yeah the rock is an actor it’s his job to talk, nice try.

Beat me to it.

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There are millions of aspiring actors in the US. Why is The Rock a huge star and not those other people? What’s the big difference between them?

Why is Conor, a fighter who all knowledgeable MMA fans will tell you is far from the most complete or most accomplished fighter, the highest paid guy in the sport? What’s the difference between him and every other guy on the roster?

Man it’s gonna take a while but I have faith in you, you’ll figure it out eventually!

I watch mma for the fights not the talking and the majority of people I talk to irl about mma ask me when the fights on not the interview.

By the way the rock’s an ok actor not a great one (you like that) if I want to watch a movie there’ll be a better actor in it.

Conferences and interviews are part of the package. Fighters get to express their personality, the public can then form an opinion about their character. The goal is to create an emotional investment. It can be positive or negative, doesn’t matter. Emotions sell tickets. Neutrality is the kiss of death.

“Who the fook is that guy?” sells tickets. “I’m not surprised, motherfuckers” sells tickets. “Brazil, you’re a bunch of filthy animals” sells tickets. “He had a horse shoe up his ass, I pulled it out and beat him over the head with it” sells tickets.

“I just want to thank my coaches and Jesus, and say hi to my wife. It’s up to the UFC who I fight next, I don’t really pay attention to that.”… why are you even doing an interview? If you don’t care about your career, why would you ever expect me to? Enjoy the prelims. I look forward to hearing you complain about fighter pay 3 years from now after you get cut.


Anderson vs GSP Jon Jones vs Izzy Jon Jones vs Francis. They could all have happened if UFC just paid these guys. Instead we got Izzy vs Jan and Derrick Lewis vs take no risks French guy.

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You’re right, hype sells tickets.

Though calling fighters stupid because they don’t run off at the mouth when it’s not in their personality is retarded. What happens when it comes out awkward?

Charles Oliveira doesn’t have to hype a fight to show me how much he cares about his career, I can see it by how much he improves after every fight.

Different people like different things. Some people like humble, hard working folk. Other people like the flair and drama. That is all.

Another big missed opportunity was when Tony turned down Poirier? when Max stepped up. I think that was Tony’s best shot at the title.

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When they nixed the alligator moat around the cage idea before UFC 1


Connor telling Dustin about the DMs…he could of had that shit!

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Nixed the electric fence also.

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At the end of the day, they are all entertainers. If you want to make the small money, that’s fine. Just fight. If you want to make the big money, you have to have people wanting to see you fight.

If you’re doing it for the money you should be doing something other than mma.

Way better opportunity in other sports.

Any White Fighter that hasnt named themselves Nuk Su Kow

When we do have fighters come out and try to change it up in interviews not all of them can pull it off.

For every Conor and Chael, you get guys like Big Ben Rothwell, Tony Ferguson and Demetrious Johnson, who despite being head and shoulders above his division and pulling off amazing shit like he did with Borg still get shit on. Because people don’t like them.

Tony Ferguson isn’t that popular, he talks shit so where’s the love for Tony? Because he fucked up when he was young and drunk and asked “where’s your son?”, or because he’s awkward as fuck.
Remember “where’s Noah?” Conor said the same shit and he’s done much worse but people like him so he gets a pass.

If you look at the current champs, Adesanya is the only shit talker but he wins. I’d rather watch the best fighters and the best seem to let their fights do the talking.

I’d add Fedor v. Randy, and Jones v. Ngannou (for now).

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I would also say that Horn losing to Elvis and costing himself a title shot was a huge missed opportunity as well. Think Horn took Elvis way too lightly and paid the price for it.

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One that comes to mind is Andre Souhkamthath vs O’malley. O’malley injured himself in the third round and could not stand up. Andre had the entire third round to just stand up and walk away and he wins the fight. Decided working his top was the best avenue to victory even though he was down two rounds. All he had to do was fucking stand up! Lost money and my mind over that one.