Biggest offseason ever?

with possible superstars like shaq, kobe, tmac, dirk, marion, amare, nash, finley ect being talked about switching teams I cant recall another time where so many superstars are going to be in another uniform at one time. the nba landscape is going to change big time after all this is said and done.

Dirk?!?!!?! What's going on with him?? DIRK FOR WEBBER!!!!!!!!! lol

oh yea i forgot about webber, boy i know the knicks are stupid enough to trade for his stupid fucking ass like i have been hearing. i wanted him REALLY bad when he was a free agent a couple years ago, glad they didnt get him now. You got used goods for the next 4 or 5 years or however long his contract remains

July 1st is gonna be a big day, webber schmebber! ;)

lol, yeah, but what is this you're saying about Dirk?? Has his name been mentioned in any possible trades???

Floppy, Lakers are saying the only way the mavs will get shaq is if dirk is involved. Cuban said Dirk is as close to untouchable as they get.

if the lakers can hold out alittle bit, cuban will break and give up dirk. i guarantee it

Cuban would be a complete fucking IDIOT if he were to give up Dirk for Shaq, imo.

I think this is a very interesting offseason!!..just as long as LA comes out looking good!!!..LOL...Hey!! it could happen!

Nope, you guys are fucked. :)